Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Project Review:The Michael Jackson Experience 2010

The starting point for the 3D design with neon letters and the main Title with "Sparklet's" type mirror discs.

A version with energy in the volumetric lighting and the motion blur.

A brighter version of the logo with some adjustments to the scale of the Scaffolding etc.

One of the final presentation 3D Logos, this one with the open neon tubes and the volumetric lighting from behind.

The Second final presentation Logo with no volumetric light, and the neon was now covered with a translucent material dispersing the glow over the letters better.

This is a matte layer I provided so the Final Retoucher could grab part by part to speed up their work flow.

The Michael Jackson Experience 2010

Client: Ubi Soft via Nomadic.
Art Director: Greg Orlowski.
Project Date: Early Summer 2010

Back in June I had the privilege of helping in the early concepts for the main Logo for the new Michal Jackson Experience game Ubisoft had developed. I had worked for Greg Orlowski over at Nomadic on multiple projects for a few years as a freelancer when this came my way, and it certainly was a fun exercise in design, as well as a fun subject matter to address with MJ.
The final was a retouched painted illustration, but my files were used to help develop the final look, though the 3D was only reference.
I also provided a Smart 3D file to Greg and his team to grab the individual parts from the scene as seen above as well.

Cheers, THOM

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