Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Project Review: Out Takes CIty Walk PART III

Sketch One from the first development of the Computer Tables blocked out.

A very different design from the first using strong curved arches.

A blocked all Aluminum concept fully polished.

A formed Carbon Fiber Concept design.

A sharp edge concept more "Medical" with bellows covering the cables.

In this concept the monitor is flat in the table on the Left and would tilt up for viewing.

The Custom Cabinet with a swing out keyboard table and some softer shapes.

Out Takes
Universal City Walk 1992

Client: Out Takes Via Eric Allard at All Effects.
Art Director: Eric Allard.
Project Date Summer 1992

Out-Takes was a blue screen photography studio at Universal's City Walk Outdoor Mall in California, and in my third post I have put up about half of the early development designs I did to establish a direction.

The early design stage you get more freedom as certain parameters are not know yet or defined so you kind of wing it a bit to establish a direction. One reason the process is so valuable is it also established what you DON'T want to do. Sometimes you need to draw a bad design to establish in another persons mind that it is not a good idea., since as a designer we may see an issue but we are the "eyes" for the client so we must show them at times.

Look for PART IV soon.

PART I can be seen here.

PART II can be seen here.

Cheers, THOM

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