-3D Bid-

To Bid on your Job:

To properly quote your job I will be asking the following questions:
[ i.e. if you already have a 3D model,and just want an 3D illustration then skip 3D Design, 3D Modeling, and 3D Animation, etc.]

1. 2D/3D Design Work:
A. What do you need designed?
B. Will you need a 3D Model from me or just a design?
C. How many designs do you need?
D. When do you need this design by?
E. Do you require 2D sketches?

2. 3D Modeling Work:
A. Is this a model of an existing design?
  aa. Do you have reference materials?
B. Will the model itself need to animate?
C. Is the model one sided or two?
  aa. Do we go inside it?
  bb. Does the model need to come apart in pieces?
D. What level of finish would you see being done?
  aa. Low Level: Background object mainly at a distance.
  bb. Medium Level: We get close but not Micro level.
cc. High Level: We are right on the surface or inside.
E. Do you need full rights to the model itself ?
F. What 3D format would you prefer?

3. 3D Illustration Work:
A. Is this photo real or stylized in finish?
  aa. If stylized, do you have a reference image to show?
B. How many Images do you think you will need?
C. What is the finished size in pixels [Width x Height]?
  aa. NOTE*** if giving DPI make sure we know the “I” or the inch finished sizes. 300 DPI means little without knowing the size printed in inches.
D. Do you need specific alpha channels or layers?
  aa. Single Alpha channel or multiple?
  bb. Material Channels?
  cc. Shadows, Reflections etc on separate layers?
E. How quickly do you need the image[s]?

4. 3D Animation Work:
A. Is this photo real or stylized in finish?
  aa. If stylized do you have a reference piece?
B. What is the length in time and frames of the animation you need?
  aa. How long a piece is needed: Hours: Minutes: Seconds?
  bb. What is the frame rate?[30FPS etc]
C. What is the finished output format size?
  aa. TV,DVD,HD, Flat, Scope, IMAX Web etc?
D. Do you need rendered frames of a finished sequence?
  aa. Do you need a frame sequence delivered?
  bb. What format do you want the frames as?
E. What is your timeframe on this need?