Thursday, January 18, 2018

3D LOGOS: Part II-Metal 3D Logos for Key Art

Here is a Sample of various Metal 3D Logos I have designed and built in 3D for Key Art and other applications.[ NOTE Blogger reduces the Size even in the enlargement go HERE for full 5K image]

Part II Metal 3D Logos for Key Art

3D Logos Part 2 is my new installment on 3D Logos covering specifically Metal Logos in 3D.

I do hundreds of 3D Logos every year for Key Art, and by far I am asked to do Metal 3D Logos the most. I have been doing 3D Logos since 2001, and yes my first one was a Metal logo as well. This is a staple of work for my Theatrical Entertainment clients for sure, as well as Video Game, Automotive, and Commercial Advertising too.

I have studied Automotive Design[ Art Center Pasadena, and College for Creative Studies] and metals and Chrome work are part of the 'Jewelry' on a fine Automobile. I have also studied Jewelry Design in Collage as well, and the subtle variations in the metals from Gold to Rose Gold, Platinum to Silver are something I really enjoy differentiating in these metal logos.

Some metals are cooler while other warmer, some very mirror like in the surface, while others a dull fogged appearance. I really enjoy aging and weathering the metals with rust and all types of procedural dirt and ambient 'in the cracks' grunge. 

Patina is now an art form in the automotive custom business and dialing that in on a 3D Logo is a pure joy on projects that need this specific look to the metal.

If  you have a need for a Metal 3D logo from clean to old, contact me for a quote today. Prices are very reasonable.

Part I on 3D Logos: Can be viewed over here.

NOTE: Blogger reduces the size of enlarged images, click here to see the very large 5K image from my CG-Society Portfolio Page.

Cheers, THOM

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