Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Project Review R.I.P.D.-3D R.I.P.D. Concept Badge 3D-Logo Icon Design for Key Art 2011. Cold Open PART II

 Here is the final Design presented for the R.I.P.D. Badge Concept for the Teaser Posters I built out in 3D.
 I did a warmer metal version with less dirt and aging for this one. The idea was to be able to paint between the two renders to get a dual finish feel, so the edges could be worn back to the brass casting etc.
 A darker version with a bit of edge lighting to it for RIPD.
To create the badge as a single molded part I first create all the parts separately.
Here are all the parts placed and ready for the Pro-Boolean operation. NOTE: I always save this[ and all steps separately] in case I need to go back to adjust, since all Booleans are a bit squirly.
Here all parts are combined into one with the mesh output set to QUADS.
A apply a bend in both X and Y directions to dish the badge.
The second bend is applied to the modifier stack in 3DSmax.
The final design with the subdivision added[ here it is with one level, though the finals had 2]
 A view of the final R.I.P.D. badge design with the skull and cap with dual firearms added up top.

Project Review
3D R.I.P.D. Concept Badge 3D-Logo Icon Design for Key Art 2011.
Cold Open PART II

Client: Universal Pictures via Cold Open.
Art Direction: Gardner DeFranceaux.
Project Date: December 2011.

This is my fourth post on R.I.P.D., and my second for the Agency Cold Open. They were doing Comps for RIPD, and came up with a great design for a badge so they contacted me to create the 3D sculpted version for the teaser posters.

I received the vector outline files from Gardner, and we discussed the look he wanted to have with it so I proceeded to create the parts necessary to make the badge. Most quicker 3D models I make, are all separate parts and retain a very sharp edge in the parts themselves as well as at the intersections, but when you look close-up on most badges, they are cast and molded parts, with blended parts with filets and rounds thru-out the design, and this was the route that they wated to go.

I had developed a quick technique to do this using the Pro-Boolean in 3DS max, and this technique is dependent on that Plug-In as it can output the file in a Quad" format so that the faces come subdivided and ready to go for the most part.

Once the Pro-boolean was completed I added two bend commands to dish the badge, as all badges are not quite flat but are dished and bent to conform to the human body better, so I applied this onto the mesh output then subdivided the final. I added in the skull with police hat, as well as a pair of firearms[ I had not built the special gun from the film yet, and would have replaced it with them if this did go to a finish].

A super fun concept to flesh out.

                       Cheers, THOM

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Project Review R.I.P.D-3D Virtual Set The White Jail Gravillis Inc. PART II

The first R.I.P.D. shot I did was closer to what was in the film, but was not dramatic enough.

The second round I went about 600% deeper and taller since we see more ceiling area. Duplicated the cameras etc all the way back.

 The We came back even closer in this comp.

At the same distance I adjusted the catwalk design to a X shape with the cross-path with a solid floor.

 A pulled back shot with the new catwalk was what we ended with, until...

 The alt with a fuly solid tile floor version was requested. Then I was done with the Jailhouse.

 A screen-shot view of the first set I built. I basically copied these sections 6X to get the larger versions.

Project Review
R.I.P.D-3D Virtual Set
The White Jailhouse
Gravillis Inc. PART II

Client: Universal Pictures via Gravillis Inc.
Art Direction: Vince Tran.
Project Date: Sept 2012.

This is my third post for work I did for the Theatrical Advertising for the film R.I.P.D, as well as my second posting for R.I.P.D work that was performed for the Agency Gravillis Inc.

I was contacted by Vince again to work on this next room. The room is from the film and is the supernatural jailhouse, and they wanted to modify it to the proper angle and proportion for the comped Movie Poster idea, so I proceeded to build out the various elements found in the set from the film shot I was provided to me.

3D Illustration is perfect for doing these kinds of modifications , and especially true for a background made of of fine details like jail bars and screens as the old standard 2D approach of piecing it together in Photoshop gets difficult the more complex the items you must clone and bend to fit as this background had. 

Also the film still was less than HD resolution so it would have been a very blurred "Frankenstein" comp if it was done in 2D, so they chose to go 3D so we had full control over the side depth and all over details angles and scale for a variety of ideas.

In 3D you build once and render many times,and this is where the saving is to be found.

You can view the Gravillis Inc's R.I.P.D work for PART I here, the bank vault room.

Cheers, THOM

Monday, August 26, 2013

Project Review: National Treasure- Motion Graphics 3D Card Development 2004.

The final design full frame shot of the Illuiminati styled crest I created for the Motion Graphics for National Treasure.

 I did a series of half a dozen angles on the crest which is why this is a perfect job for 3D GFX.

 An extreme down shot on the top of the "All seeing Eye" in the crest design I did.

 Now an extreme up angle wit it fading into the black fog.

 Close in on the central Pyramid design motif.

A bit of Masonic Symbology in there too.

A version was tried w/o the gobo in a more subdued palette, but we rejected it as a bit too plain.

The geometry was simple bevles and booleans, no quads at this stage, though today I'd do it all quads.

 The "Gobo" Light text image that was projected and animated across the surface during the 3D camera move for the MGFX 3D card.

Project Review
National Treasure
Motion Graphics 3D Card Development 2004.

Client: Buena Vista Pictures via The Cimarron Group.
Art Direction Collaboration: Myself and Paolo Ledesma.
Project Date: Summer 2004.

The first Summer I worked in-house at The Cimarron Group back in 04' I worked quite a bit with the Motion Graphics team providing RAW 3D frames for various TV and Theatrical spots for trailers.

I was put on the National Treasure gig for a few days to help create a backdrop with a Illuminati type of crest. They referenced the crest I did for Minority Report from the days when I was back at BLT, and so I developed a fun crest design that we used fir a few MGFX spots.

Once the look was established, I cut type into the background and animated it coming out from the walls for various shots, and we also just used simple moves on the back-plate with a foreground text treatment as well. You can see this asset about half way into my reel linked to the RIGHT side, or here.

A fun little design gig.

Cheers, THOM

Friday, August 23, 2013

Project Review: R.I.P.D-Bank Vault Room 3D Virtual Set extension for Gravillis Inc PART I

 The Main shot as a RAW un-comped 3D render as delivered for R.I.P.D as a set extension render.

 The screen shot shows the alignment with the back-plate[ note the lack of lens curve in the view port vs the renders above and below]

 I give an Ambient render so as they retouch it in post they can add some lighting details with overaly work.

 I provide a Z-Depth mask so they can pick objects based on distance for Tilt-shift or other Camera FX.

 An overhead shot of the desks I built out for the foreground.

 A view up close on the metal 50's desk I reproduced in 3D.

Project Review
R.I.P.D-Bank Vault Room
3D Virtual Set extension.
Gravillis Inc. PART I

Client: Universal Pictures via Gravillis Inc.
Art Direction: Vince Tran.
Project Date: Sept 2012.

This is my second post for work I did for the Theatrical Advertising for the film R.I.P.D, but my first for the Agency Gravillis Inc. in which this was my first job with them.

I was contacted by Vince to help them do a set extension for a shot they wanted for a poser concept, so I was provided with a clean back-plate and a few extra shots of the desk design I needed to build out for the custom shot.

The back-plate as all photography, has lens curve to it, so I always use the Final Render[FR] extra Plug-In cameras for these shots, since I can align the curve in my render to the curve in the back-plate lens.

All regular 3D renders and view ports show straight lines, so trying to align to a curved shot is very difficult, so over the years I have developed a pipeline for this with FR. If you look at the screen grab above you will see the straight walls as seen in the program, yet you can see the curve in the renders as they all use a Distortion Curved Lens in FR.

Also I was able to adjust the room to compensate for perspective differences with the talent that sat on the desk up front.

I did half a dozen rooms for them for R.I.P.D, and will be posting them over the coming weeks, so come on back!

Cheers, THOM

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Project Review: R.I.P.D.-3D Seven-Shooter Virtual Film Prop Replica for Key Art 2011.

 The first shot delivered for R.I.P.D to Cold Open was this side shot of the iconic forearm used in the film.

 I was asked to make it 30% longer so I adjusted it in 3D, and re-rendered it out.

 Here is a screen capture showing the alignment that I do to line up the virtual prop with the photography provided to me.

 This is the base Low-Poly mesh I made for the virtual film prop for RIPD.

 Here is the shot with Subdivision added with 2 levels of detail[ 3DSmax=Turbosmooth]

 An alternate comp with Jeff Bridges silhouetted with the gun up front. I rendered bright so they could take it back to a lower level. Too dark they have no room to go back up, so I did it this way.

 I did two shots with the gun opened up revealing the Long bullets as well as the blue glow for the "special shot' in the Center.

  A view similar to up top with the longer barrel and cylinder.

Project Review
3D Seven-Shooter Virtual Film Prop Replica for Key Art 2011.
Cold Open PART I

Client: Universal Pictures via Cold Open.
Art Direction: Gardner DeFranceaux.
Project Date: December 2011.

A few years back I was hired to create a Virtual Prop replica for some Key Art work for the Agency Cold Open. They were doing Comps and needed a futuristic Gun Prop replicated for the then in production film R.I.P.D, and I gladly jumped on it.

I received a few shots of the prop and proceeded to create this fun little prop in 3D as a subdivision model. Once it was built out I was given some direction as well as some photography to line up this virtual firearm with so I rendered out just over half a dozen images for their presentations.

In advertising selling is everything, and with virtual props like this I can adjust the model itself to make it "Larger than Life", or in this case a bit longer. They wanted the Cylinder and Barrel about 30% longer, and if this was photography it would require a few good hours of time to 'Frankenstein' it together, but with a 3D asset like this, I merely took off the subdivision, went to the base simple mesh and pulled the points out to the desired length and re- smoothed and re-rendered it. A whole lot faster and cost effective to adjust as Virtual Photography of a virtual film prop.

I will have more R.I.P.D. posting in the weeks to come as I worked on this campaign for a few agencys. 

                       Cheers, THOM

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Project Review Fight Lab 3D Logo Exploration for THQ Game Studio 2009 PART II

The fist was essential and in almost every design we did and all the preliminary work, and with this concept I put a little THQ shout-out in the hyphen.

 Fist Bumping the Log between it.

The lite version of the fist w/o the holding device so it was more of an lit edge feel[ of my fist] with a double barbed wire cutting down the middle.

 I did a few concepts where I replace letter parts with the wrapped 3D barbed wire and with this over and under type treatment I did just that.

 The logo in the outlined fist with heavy negative space usage.

 The barbed wire ring with crossed fists

A more 3D logo with the ring tilted back and the log on a separate plane.

 Here a 'mini-fist' is used for the hyphen.

Barbed wire won the day, but I did a few with the chain link a staple in MMA look and feel graphics[ the cage]

A multi-layer type set up with a heavy fist and mini THQ hidden as a  second read in the separation bar.

 A shot straight on that I posted in PART I at a low angle. I used a bit less wires in back as well.
Project Review
Fight Lab 3D Logo Exploration
for THQ Game Studio 2009

Client: THQ via Wellbrand Inc. via The Cimarron Group.
Art Direction: Goutam Mitra.
Project Date: May 2009.

   This is my second posting for the 3D logo concept work I did back in 2009 for THQ for a new division they were considering called 'Fight Lab', and today I have the rest of the initial designs done in 3D as a continuation from PART I here.

As a 3D Designer, I can start in 2D[ traditional sketching or digital], since 2D is 66% of a 3D education, but when I go right into 3D and design in there, I am designing in virtual 3D volumes in the 3D space rather than from one view as all 2D is done, so my Industrial Design training kicks in as I think thru the top, bottom, and many other considerations as I design it out.

This is a continuation of the direction from PART I, and I did as many variations once the elements were built out in 3D, and this is where 3D shines, as I can scale, bend, twist, and taper any of the elements and create a new look quickly, so the client has a full set of choices to pick from.

Part III will be posted in a bit, stay tuned.

Cheers, THOM