Friday, January 29, 2010

Poster Finish: Hot Tub Time Machine

FINISHED One-Sheet Poster over at Popwatch

Various angles on the Hot Tub 3D illustration.

Energy Drink Can

One Sheet Finish:

Client: MGM UA via The Cimarron Group.
Art Director: Chris A. Hawkins
Project Date: Done Summer 2009 Finished Winter 2010

Another finish from The Cimarron Group after my departure[ See Clash of the Titans post] that includes my work from the designing phase.

I did a bunch of Logo's, props, and Hot tub concepts for Damon Wolfs team including for Brian Lauzon and Chris A Hawkins in the Theatrical Print Department before I left.

In anticipation of the direction we had in October I rendered the Hot tub at the finish size of 5000 x 5000 pixels for One Sheet use, which is what was needed. I also rendered the Energy drink out at various angles and higher resolution as all we had was a few shots of the "Hero" prop from the film.

Cheers, THOM

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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Project Review: Dreamcatcher

Main Dreamcatcher Icon Image.

The Finished International Trailer Title background.

The Dreamcatcher in a river of blood.[ NOT MPAA friendly]

The Z-Depth Image I created from the 3D model to "bump" the blood model.


Client: Castle Rock Entertainment via BLT and Associates.
Art Director(s): Alon Amir, Alen Petkovic
Project Date: Christmas 2001

The first job I worked on for BLT's AV division which I was employee #2 in was with the very talented Alen Petkovic. BLT had just started the division and Alen and I were doing some concepts for Stephen Kings "Dreamcatcher".

I was tasked with a 3D model of the dreamcatcher from the film. I worked off a sketch by Crash McCurrie and built the Dreamcatcher for print and AV use. Eventually the company built a real one using the Native American artisan who built the hero prop for the film.

The only finish I made was in the International trailer at the end title they used the Dreamcatcher behind the title.

Cheers, THOM

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Project Review: Phantom 2040 PART III

A Virtual Reality Arcade in Show 102.

Nia's Lab from the Second Season.

The Mile Tall MAXIMUM building side view sketch.

The Mile Tall MAXIMUM building Looking down to the bottom.

Kit's Brownstone INT Living Room.

Kit's Brownstone EXT 3rd Floor Window.

Kit's Brownstone EXT Front Birds Eye view.

Phantom 2040: PART III
Background Layout Design

Client: Hearst Animation.
Art Director: Myself.
Project Date: Fall 1993.

Third in my series, after showing vehicle design and character clor keys I present some of the Background Layouts that I developed for the show.

The basic Design theme was "Tall and Thin" as the overarching concept for this world. It matched the tall gaunt characters that Peter Chung did for the project so these "thin as a rail" people would fit in a tall environment.

You will also see a few added themes in these images one being the wrapping and interlocking of shapes taken from the Art Nouveau theme for the world as seen the the freeways wrapping up and around the main Maximum Building.

Now the Maximum building was based on Frank Lloyd Wrights Mile High building concept, my favorite work conceptually of his.

Cheers, THOM

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Project Review: Six Feet Under PART I

The Scaffold Idea finished and we convinced the client to use a real one over the 3D image.

Just picking up a few things at the store....

An Iconic Sheet pulled over the "Logo"

A wall of Morgue Drawers

A translucent glass wall with a "death room" behind it.

"Honey, where's my bone saw?" "Look in the dishwasher Sweety!"

Coffins, Double reflections, and Six Feet Under, Literally!

Autopsy Table by Mesa Tables!

Did you receive your complimentary ashtray for your visit today?

Project Review
Six Feet Under
3D Illustration for Key Art


Client: HBO via BLT and Associates and The Cimarron Group.
Art Director(s): Chad Robertson, Calvin Sumler, Joseph Stamper, Zach Ris, Darren Clary.
Project Date(s); Summer 2003 Spring 2004

I worked on Six Feet under advertising for the last two seasons before it went off the air. It spanned even a job switch as I did some work at BLT and associates first, then when I moved to The Cimarron Group the project jumped over to us , so I continued work.

What an interesting subject matter! Iconic images of death and Morgue's was a great break from 3D Logos. The campaign at Cimarron put the Morgue into a regular setting, so we would see Michael C. Hall walking through the supermarket picking up body bags and washing the bone saw in the family dishwasher. FUN!

Cheers, THOM

Monday, January 25, 2010

Project Review: Virtual Magic Kingdom Part IV

360 view from Main Street.

The Marque for the small Theatre.

The Magic Shop next to the Theatre.

A Second Floor Window.

Extreme Fish Eye looking up.

Disney Interactive: VMK- Main Street Part IV

Client: Disney Interactive
Art Director: Myself
Project Date: Summer 1996

Fourth post in my series on the Virtual Magic Kingdom [ VMK] project I did for Disney Interactive back in 1996. These are some fish-eye shots I did of various locations as you move up in the park the the "Hub".

There was no game play here, so we basically travel down Main Street to get to the game start at the hub, so just some "Hero" shots to set the stage for the game.

I also re-posted the image of a "Node" which is a 360 degree sketch from a fixed point on Mian Street.

Cheers, THOM

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Project Review: Star Trek: Las Vegas Hilton

Federation Themed Suite at The Hilton.

Klingon Themed Suite at The Hilton.

Star Trek Experience: Suite Expansion

Client: Paramount Parks
Art Director : Luc Mayrand
Project Date: Summer 1998

After working with Luc at Landmark Entertainment, and as an Imagineer at WDI, I was contacted to do some 3D illustration for the Star Trek Experience in Vegas.

The expansion would be Star Trek themed suites available for guest who come the the experience for conventions to complete the fantasy and sleep in a star-ship or Klingon suite during your stay.

Luc designed the rooms out and I illustrated them for him. THis was back in 98, so max was still version 2 and no GI yet. I enjoyed the project and it was a few weeks of working back and fourth.

Cheers, THOM

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Friday, January 22, 2010

Personal Project: Craftsman Playhouse

Full Color Render of the raw wood designed Craftsman Playhouse.

A Second Color Render of the raw wood designed Craftsman Playhouse.

Typical Framing Render from the West Side.

Exploded view of First Floor Walls.

Exploded view 2nd Flooring.

Framing for Loft.

Framing showing electrical in walls before siding.

The Arts and Crafts Playhouse.

I was inspired to design a playhouse for my first daughter based on the design of our own 1910 Craftsman home. I did a full 3D model design of the home to scale and produced all the line drawings using the built-in cartoon shader. It is 8' x 11' with 3' as the front porch.

Sadly the cost to build was prohibitive to actually build it at this point, but someday I hope to. We ended up with an Amish built log cabin which I did a full interior myself and had the design customized to be similar to what I designed here. Link below.

Cheers, THOM

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Thursday, January 21, 2010

3D stole the show at CES 2010

3D stole the show at CES 2010

A great read over at Engadget today on the rise of 3D[ stereoscopics].

Cheers, THOM

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Project Review: Virtual Magic Kingdom:Fantasyland-Part III

VMK Fantasyland Birds Eye Sketch 24" x 36".
First pass at the Storybook Tree.

Inside the wicked Queens "Old Hag" secret lab.

The Final version of the "Storybook Tree".

The Entryway into Fantasyland(R)

VMK-Fantasyland: Part III

Client: Disney Interactive.
Art Director: Myself.
Project Date: Summer 1996

This is my third posting from the Virtual Magic Kingdom project [VMK] I worked on at Disney Interactive, first as a freelancer, then full time as the 3D Art Director.

Here I dealt with Fantasyland where all the commotion began. The basic game premise is that the happy endings are torn from the magic storybook in Fantasyland(R). You will see my concepts for the storybook on the tree stump.

The large birds eye view overhead sketch at 24" x 36" was pivotal in me securing full time work at DI. What made this project such a pleasure to work on was working directly with Terry Dobson on these maps for each land.

Cheers, THOM

Cheers, THOM

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Project Review: Launch City Part I

The "load screen" for the LAUNCH CD-zine with New Launch City in the distance.

The Main Navigation city[ three screens wide-scrolling]

The Twitch Subway found on the Right side of the city.

A Sushi Bar found under the Train overpass on the right side of the city.

A Chopper Shop in the Middle of the City.

"Hotel-10" is based on a vintage apartment off the 10 FWY just south of downtown LA.

"Hellman's Repair" across from the Hoth House on the Left.

Outside a main venue "The Hang" on the right side of the city.

The Diner on the Dock with a Submarine out from can be seen front and center in the city.

The 360 Lounge is back a bit near center right with Modern Japanese Architectural influence.

Launch City[10 years ago]: Part I

Client: Launch Media Inc.
Art Director: Myself
Project Date: 1999

10 years ago Launch Media was booming in the "Dot-Com" boost in the 90's, and I became a part of the team latter on in the production cycle.

After finishing up at Walt Disney Imagineering, I was hired by fellow Art Center Alumni Goutam Mitra who was Creative Director at Launch Media Inc., and they were about to need a huge re-design of there monthly CD_zine to coincide with a TV pilot for the same property.

I was tasked with a full redesign of the Launch City for the CD_zine as they were concurrently developing a real time product and televison show for a separate division. Being an Imagineer for a while, thematic design was my specialty, and I applied my skills to the new design for the city.

The interface was a single 640x480 screen that scrolled sideways, being three screens wide for the main map of the city with individual locations throughout. I developed individual styles and looks for ech location to assist the users ability to properly map where they were in a virtual city with over 100 locations.

What you see above are the exterior shots of some key locations in the city. Some were existing venues and some were used by advertisers on a monthy basis, so they could have virtual real estate and a location in this virtual city. A very novel and practil idea that will someday be visited again.

Cheers, THOM

P.S. The Post title takes you to a Wiki entry on Launch Media.