Friday, December 24, 2010

Project Review: Cafe Morpheus Asylum-PART III

The big "Blade Runner" ceiling fan for the upstairs area.

The Custom made Bar Stools for the dining counter in the large dining hall.

These Lamps had 12 separate lights with a ceiling fan and were near 16 feet tall.

The smaller Post mount and Wall Sconce versions of the lights that were made for the main hall and bath areas.

The Frank Lloyd Wright inspired Lamps that were handmade for the Mezzanine area.

Cafe Morpheus Asylum Restaurant

Client: John R. Thomas.
Art Director: John R. Thomas.
Project Date: Summer 1993.

In this third posting for Cafe Morpheus Asylum the Restaurant I illustrated for John R. Thomas in Beverly Hills CA. back in the very early 90's, I focus in this post on the blueprint Designs for the custom made ceiling fans, lighting, and bar stools that were all made entirely from scratch.

The first drawing is for the huge 8 foot ceiling fan ala "Blade Runner" with a roof lighting system so faux moonlight would stream into the smoke filled Mezzanine with the slow rotation of the giant industrial fan. The fan itself, we found it in a junkyard, a vintage fan that weighed about 600 pounds so we cast the parts from plastic and faux finished them as the weight was a liability to use the original.

The second drawing breakdown is for the custom post mount bar stools that used a VW deck-Lid sprint to give some nice "steampunk" Industrial feeling to the seats as well as function to give a bit of spring to the backs.

The bent tube lamps were all build out of solid copper and brass parts and finished with a great patina aging them to look like the originals from 100 years back.

I also designed two Frank Lloyd Wright styled lamps for the upstairs "Blade Runner" room area as well. One was a direct lift from a table lamp from his Prairie collection, and the other was a unique design with a parallelogram hinge system so the lamp could move up and down via the wall mount and remain level at all times. This one was build from Aluminum and steel and anodized with an art glass shade as well.

Cheers, THOM

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