-Intro to 3DCD-

Introduction to:
3D Conceptual Design
   Great Artwork begins with great design. 3D Design is a specific form of artistic training as found in Architecture, Automotive and Product Design, Toy and packaging design, and in any artistic field which requires that the design being created is not a flat representation but a model or sculpture as the end product. In Computer Graphics the end product is usually a Computer Generated Image [ CGI ], either still or moving, but it all starts with a great design and is followed by an outstanding model of that design.

3D Design
    Do you need 3D Design Help? Experienced in Graphics, Transportation Design, Product Design, Architectural Design, Set Design, Toy Design, Animation Design, Interactive and WEB Design areas I can help you right from the beginning first steps.

3D Modeling

    Do you need a model built of an existing design in 3D? I do this as well. Check out the hundreds of models I already sell online available right now and useful in most any 3D program available. I also specialize in custom modeling and will meet your needs for anything that you can imagine.

3D Illustration
    Do you need a 3D Illustration for a printed piece or for the Web? I can provide you with any resolution of a 3D Illustration from any angle needed. I can make the image look so real you wouldn’t know that it wasn’t, or I can make it look like anything we can come up with.

3D Animation
    Do you need a 3D Animation piece? An animation for the web, TV or DVD resolutions, Film or IMAX, whatever you need, I can provide the output you need.
3D Design IS:
    Exceptional Three Dimensional Design involves all the same disciplines you find in traditional flat two dimensional artwork along with an entire second education to bring those skills into the third dimension. Using a designer trained and experienced in 3D design is the best option when considering using 3D artwork in your next project.
    A 3D Designer is trained as a sculptor and fabricator so construction is always a consideration throughout the entire design process. It would be a failure for the designer to design something that cannot be built once the design is finished and only someone versed in three dimensional thinking skills is qualified for the task of 3D Design.
    Once the design is fully evaluated and understood the tools of sketching, and modeling are used to begin the design process culminating in a finished design that is best suited for 3D CGI.

3D Modeling IS:
    Simply put I build it, I don’t need to draw it. 3D Modeling is taking a design, either existing of custom designed, and building it in a computer using 3D Geometry. Unlike standard 2D Graphic Design, 3D Modeling is not a flat sketch or a perspective view drawing merely representing a 3D space, but 3D Modeling is an actual 3D virtual space that exists in the computer with height, depth, and width.
Understanding how things work and advanced mechanical inclinations benefit the 3D Modeler in constructing the 3D Design properly for any functions that the model may be required to demonstrate in the illustrations and animations.
3D Modeling also considers the level of details needed for you job. For example, if I build out a house and never go inside the house. then I just build a facade akin to a movie flat only putting the time into what will be used and seen. I also consider how close to an object you require in your project so the individual parts representation can be exact down to small imperfections or just a vague representation that at a distance conveys a detail that is merely assumed.

3D Illustration IS:
    A 3D Illustration is a Virtual Photograph rendered in the computer of a 3D model or scene. As a photographer would do it requires that a scene be set up with lights a camera and an environment or backdrop for the photograph. All the same set of disciplines used by professional photographers on a real stage are also used in the virtual stage as well.
    This is where 3D Illustration then goes beyond the real stage. Since this is a virtual space we can bend the rules of physics and expand the creative solutions to go far beyond what can be captured with a real lens. The finished look can be a hyper photo realistic image or a highly stylized cartoony or painterly look, or anywhere in between.
    A 3D Illustration has another advantage over a stock photograph or illustration for production in being created digitally, all masking is not only easier but dramatically more powerful in that separate channels for objects, materials, and effects, like reflections and shadows can be output onto a separate layer for fine tuning during the production. Anyone who has done it can attest to the labor involved in masking out an element in a photograph or changing the color of a complex object.

3D Animation IS:
    The technology of 3D animation has overtaken the film industry in every facet and has become the dominant tool used today from the smallest to the largest studios.
 In Feature Aanimation, PIXAR, Dreamworks, Blue Sky Studios and the like have overtaken what was once owned by “The Mouse” in Burbank. In visual effects ILM is a household name and everyone knows about Computer Graphics in film.
 The Architectural and Design world has adopted 3D Animation to showcase the latest resort hotel and casinos as well as the freshest designs coming out of Detroit’s “Big Three”. People can see their vision before they exist in the real world so gaining traction and support becomes a much easier job for those requiring investment in something that does not yet exist, so let us help you with this.
Animation in 3D can be as simple as a Graphic Logo in the corner of the TV screen to a full fledged world around you.