Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Personal Project: Hot VW's Magazine Logos

I used an 80mm camera so the foreshortening would be at a minimum.

The basic Max Set Up for a 3D Logo.

A fun 3/4 view looking up at the Logo.

I played around with a Carbon Fiber face material on the Logo here.

A basic black Logo.

A red logo using the VW pattern from the seats as a bump map on the face object.

Personal Project
Hot VW's 3D Logo

As a VW fan and having owned a good dozen old VW's I thought I'd take a quick pass at the Hot VW's Logo which is illustrated to emulate a 3D metal Automotive Logo as seen on every car out there. I found the Illustrator file on the Hot VW's website, and brought it into 3DS max 2010 to adjust and prepare for the Logo build. I had some textures made from the Herbie project so I used some of those in this exercise.

The set up is in Final Render with a Box light above and a spot light below. It has the Log in the center of a reflection sphere so I can control what is going on in the chrome parts of the file. FUN stuff.

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