Monday, September 8, 2014

Project Review: 3D Illustration for Blue-Ray packaging for State Fair 60th anniversary edition 2009

 The final delivered 3D Background render I did for the Blue-ray/DVD re-release for the film, State Fair.

 Here is the comp layout with bleed added for my background alignment in camera

 The color version just prior to final was locked in at about 90%. I added flags, streamers, and raised the Ferris wheel up a bit for the final.

The 3D Confetti render pass. I used the ground plane and used the scatter object in 3DS max to efficiently get this done on time.

A Polygon view from camera show the main props built[ Pr-final]

A close up on the Ferris Wheel model.

 A Close up shot of the foreground tent.

 This Birds-Eye shot shows the extend of the full 3D build I made for this background image.

Project Review

3D Illustration for Blue-Ray packaging for State Fair 60th anniversary edition 2009

Client: Menagerie Creative.
Creative Director: Cheryl Savala.
Project Date: November 2009.

I was asked to help create a background image for the 60th anniversary edition of Rogers and Hammerstein's classic film,State Fair for Menagerie Creative back in 2009, a regular client of mine, and today I cover the build I did for this fun and fast turn over Home Entertainment gig.

As a 3D artist I do a lot of poster work 3D Illustration ,and over half my work are for the 3D logos I provide, but the rest are these 3D backgrounds, where the photography does not exist, or is just too difficult to access, so they call me to make it from scratch.

 I was not given much scrap reference when I began the gig, but it was a straight forward build to create a 3D State Fair background image to be used behind the colorized images for the cover key art of the main characters, so off I went.

I researched old Ferris wheel designs, and Circus tent looks for the era, and I then built out the detailed versions as seen above. I also built out some 3D confetti to add in on a layer.

After I hand built the assets, textured them up, and set it up to go, I rendered the shot out and delivered to the client as a layered PSD file with alpha channels and Z-Depth channels. 

The shot never went to finish, however as with all 3D work it was a fun process with a great client.

Cheers, THOM

P.S. As a FYI to any regulars here,posting was on hold due to a family death. I plan to return to my regular posting moving forward.