Friday, June 27, 2014

Project Review: Robocop [2014 Remake]- PART I:3D Logo exploration 2012

 A Robocop logo with vectore supplied to me by Art Director Anne Kelly. A Carbon fiber with inset red glowing keylines.

 A simple brushed metal version of the RoboCop 3D Logo on a glossy floor w/o any accent colors using the same vector file from above.

 A metal and red combo of the two above looks to the type layout. Sometimes I do multiple vector file logos, and sometimes I do multiple looks to one file as I had with this one.

 This design was for Jeff Barnett[ more of his in another post on the way!] I did a textured carbon weave on a chrome logo with a inset red-line inside the face of the font in 3D. A warm to cool lighting set up was used to add color to the steel.

 This 3D Logo Design was done for Noah Witlin and he asked for a Single Point Bevel[SPB] on this as a hand built font. I did this version in dark flatter Carbon cool lit from the back.

 A second version for Noah using the same above font file, also a SPB, though this has the red accent added back.

Project Review
Robocop [2014 Remake]
3D Logo exploration 2012

Client: Columbia Pictures via Cold Open.
Art Direction: Anne  Kelly, Jeff Barnett, Noah Witlin
Project Date July 2012.

Almost two years ago I worked on the film advertising for Robocop, a remake of the popular 1980's Sci-Fi flic, and today in my first posting, I will cover about half of the 3D Logo I made for the presentations.

The film was in early production so I did not get any visual scrap at all[ very typical in this industry], but was told to follow a flat black carbon fiber feel as his robotic elements were going away from the blue-chrome look in the original, and more along the lines of tactical armor as found in the batman suit.

They did also want to go with polished metal, and the highlight color they picked was red for the lighting effects and glows that were added as well, so off I went working with a team of Art Directors.

I will be posting more logos as well as a place-holder suit I made for some comp ideas in the next few weeks in additional parts to this series.

Cheers, THOM

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Project Review: The Purge 2012-3D Concept Illustrations-Backwards Revolver

The final shot in a polished metal finish for this backwards facing revolver done as a conceptual 3D Illustration for marketing the film The Purge.

A BLued darker version was done as an alt as well for the 3D Illustration. I delivered these at 150DPI @ 10" wide for a typical 11 x 177' Comp presentation. If this was to finish I go 4500 pixels wide a typical size for a One sheet Poster.

The backwards frame was build subdivision, though most parts are Npower Power Nurbs conversion parts from a number of project that I have worked on.

A 3/4 birds-eye view of the top area on the gun.

 A view exploded out to show the parts I built inside the firearm illustration.

Project Review
The Purge 2012
3D Concept Illustrations-Backwards Revolver

Client: Universal Studios via Cold Open.
Art Director: Noah Witlin.
Project Date:April 2012.

A good use for 3D Illustration is to make props that do not exist in real life,and to make them look real, and for the film The Purge, I was asked by Cold Open out of Venice California, to create a revolver firearm that shoots backwards. To create this prop in real life would require a good CNC mill and a much higher budget, so I did a virtual 3D Illustration as this was just over a half day to complete.

I have built a number of 'virtual' firearms in the past, so I took a few parts I had already made and created a new frame for the revolver that aimed at the user for this concept piece. The detailed parts were made with modeled in details with the knurling and grooved sight, rather than a bump fake.

I rendered the finals out on a white cyclorama with a blued darker metal as well as a polished metal version for presentations.

A fun conceptual piece.

Cheers, THOM

Monday, June 16, 2014

Project Review: Austin Powers Goldmember- 3D Logos- PART II

A small beveled gold plate with a bit of rough DA sanded surface textures added to this. They wanted some where the texture was a second read to the overall gold materials.

A very heavy nugget style of gold as if it was crafted from raw gold rocks. I used this look in platinum for Marcy-X here as well.

A very tiny surface texture was tried here with the specular and bumps used to highlight the dot pattern on the surface.

This version used the large round bevel on the gold plate that ended up as out final, only this round I did a horizontal brushed surface to break up the reflections and add in the textured look desired by the client at that stage of development.

This is the 'almost final' with a smaller surface glitter used that we ended up making much more visible in the final.

A grid like texture was used with heavy bump so the entire front gold surface was adjusted in this pass.

 In this version we added a "Flower Power" surface pattern to it to connect with a few other concepts.

Project Review
Austin Powers Goldmember

3D Logos-PART II

Client: New Line Cinema via BLT and Associates.
Art Director(s): Warren Nung.
Project Date: Summer 2002.

Twelve years back I got to work on one of my favorite franchises, Austin Powers. I loved the first two films and when I came to BLT they were working on the third film, Goldmember, so I was put on the logo portion and built out about 80 versions of the title in 3DS max for presentation .

I was given a chunk of time to develop a multitude of gold looks for the titles which I was provided a few vector files that were narrowed down for my work. I stacked up a few plates with a dark holding device on back and some texture variety applied to the font.

Some were smooth, some brushed and some had a reflective pattern across the fronts. I had a lot of fun on this campaign, and I did finish the final version for the posters, for both the teaser, and the pay-off as seen in my first post.

Cheers, THOM

Monday, June 9, 2014

3D Stock Model Build Review: Mission Style Arts and Craftsman Era Chair: Built for online sales-2011 PART II

I made a quartersawn Oak texture from various photos, as I have a collection of Quartersawn Oak furniture to pull from for this exercise in textured stock models.

 A 3/4 view showing the other side of the chair with the camera a bit higher showing the arms a bit better.

 A low angle back shot on the Craftsman Mission styled chair.

 I put a bit of Prairie-Style mixed into this Mission Oak chair for this design.

 A slightly elevated front view of this comfy looking Arts and Crafts chair.

 An exploded view of the chair shows the hardware as well as the parts that are cut thru and pegged.

3D Stock Model Build Review
Mission Style Arts and Craftsman Era Chair: Built for online sales 2011 PART II

Client: Myself.
Art Director: Myself.
Project Date: May 2011

Today I am doing PART II covering the custom built Mission chair I sell online, and today I have posted some images testing shaders and texturing of the 3D models I sell online, as well as the catalog of 3D models I built for sale by my prior employer as seen here.

I build custom 3D models for various Architectural firms to assist the in-house visualists work, so today I wanted to show the stock model I built out and sell fully textured as I do when I so a post covering my stock 3D Models for sale.

I was a professional cabinet making before I finished up at Art Center, and my continued work in 3D Visualization has keep me building furniture, only in this stage virtually for my clients. I love the work, as I love to build and virtual building has a similar satisfaction.

You can review the build itself in a separate posting here.

I will continue showcasing many of the stock 3D models I have from various companys I have prepared them for in future posts, so enjoy!

Cheers, THOM