Monday, February 3, 2020

3D Prop Illustration: Props built for 3D Illustrations, Book Covers,and Theatrical Key Art and Advertisement.

 Sample Sheet of 3D illustrations of Props

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3D Prop Illustration
Props built for 3D Illustrations, Book Covers,and Theatrical Key Art and Advertisement.

         Props and objects, or Products are the third area of design in 3D that I do a lot of work for. 3D Logos, and 3D Architectural spaces both interior and exterior are the other two areas I have covered before on my blog. Architectural spaces are filled with props and furniture , and beginning my career in Set Design, I worked next to Set Dressers and Prop Masters and really learned to see the vital importance of this craft in adding to an overall scene. Today's post covers a smaller sample of the range of props I have been called to build out over the years for a variety of clients.

       As a 3D Designer I am fully trained first in 2D design, and then trained in 3D after that. Good 2D principals of Design Proportions , Value Contrast , Staging , Lighting , and Eye Travel all will affect a design in 3D space . However, once the third dimension is added everything changes and gets exponentially more complicated. Tangents for example,  that do not appear in 2D will become a challenge in 3D since we can move around a design now and these will naturally come up, so spacial solutions are required to properly design something in 3D from the start.

       My prop design work began prior to utilizing 3D CGI for my clients back as a  traditional sketch artist from the start of my career. I had to design props for the commercials I worked on, as well as in Television Animation. I designed hundreds of props for The Phantom 2040 on ABC, all themed out for future time periods , as well as retro time periods for the series as Art Director. I also did a few seasons as Chief Prop Designer on HBO's Happily Ever After Series, so I have been designing out "smalls" for a while, and naturally do the same in 3D. 

      I have built 3D Props from just a photo or sketch  , or remake a 3D version of an  existing props like I did for Dreamcatcher. I especially love building custom one off props from films, as well as designing out props from scratch with no existing design. This is where Industrial Design training kicks in. Also a a longtime Thematic Designer, I am trained to extract the solution based on prop use,  features, and how close we will get to the 3D Prop, and it must fit the theme of the design it lives in.

I have well over 150 images in the sample above, you will see a good range of what I have been called to illustrate in 3D.

If  you have a need for a 3D Product or Prop, as a 3D Illustration or a 3D Model or a 3D Logo or 3D Architectural Rendering, contact me for a quote today. I am open to small gig's as well as retainers of Full-Time work. Prices are very reasonable!

I do sell pre-built 3D Models online here.
I built 3D Models while 3D Design Director at The Cimarron Group , and they are still for sale here.

                                        Cheers, THOM