Monday, December 27, 2010

Behind the Art : Herbie VW Speedo Buildout

A Camera view of the 3D file I made for the texture map.

The finished texture adjusted with drop shadows etc. from Photoshop.

A screen shot of the 3D speedo body ready to Boolean out the holes.

An exploded view showing all the 3D parts that are in the Speedometer 3D Model used in the trailers.

A finished render from the trailers we did.

Behind the Art
1963 VW Herbie Speedometer
build out for the Theatrical Trailers.

I have posted on the Herbie VW model I built for the trailers for the Lindsay Lohan film back in 2004 while running a 3D department at The Cimarron Group and here qwe can llok at the build out of the Speedo for that project.

We had some ideas where we needed to get real close to the speedometer and being a VW affectionate myself this was a pure joy to work on with this level of detail.

Above you can see the process I had in building out the separate parts for the VDO Speedo found in a 1964 VW, and I built out the texture map for the face in 3D first since it was all custom fonts and needed the hand built approach to get it right vs a photo.


Cheers, THOM

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  2. What is the font used for that speedometer face?