Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Project Review: NOS4A2 -AMC Series 3D License Plate Logo Design for Key Art 2019

  This is a flat image of the final file PSD Layered 3D Logo[ originally sent at 5000 pixels ]

 In order to get the final Look I did a straight metal full color render as well as the painted render. This allowed the agency Leroy and Rose to adjust and shine it up as needed.

The Ambient Occlusion/ Dirt Render pass is to add grime and depth to the 3D render.

If required I can provide a Z-Depth[ Distance based grey-scale map] for post effect to the client. You can see the 3D dents in this render , and I use it in the final render as an overlay in Photoshop to enhance the image.

Back view of the AMC Cable Series NOS4A2 License Plate Key Art Model I built.

 A 3/4 front view of the AMC Cable Series NOS4A2 License Plate Key Art Model.

I rendered this in Cebas Final Render's GI renderer[ my choice!] and this shows my custom texture Maps I built , and the various ways I use them for both the texture and displacement in 3D for the geometry itself.

The base 3D Low Poly object has the base dents modeled into it as well as using N-powers Pro-Boolean in 3DSmax to output the file as a Mesh. I clean it up  a bit ,then used the shell modifier to give the model a slight thickness like a real metal plate would have.

For quick lighting I had Sub-D down to just 2 levels making the Pre-Lighting go quicker at the early dial in stage.

 The final renders were done with this Ultra High [ 10 million plus polygon] Resolution 3D Mesh since I used an organic displacement on it

 An image of the NOS4A2 3D License Plate Logo I created in the various ways it has been used. The One Sheet won a 2020 Muse Award, and that is linked here.

Project Review
NOS4A2 AMC Series
3D License Plate Logo for Key Art 2019

Client:  AMC via Leroy and Rose
Creative Direction:  Melchior Lamy 
Project Date:  February 2019.

     I was called in by Melchior at Leroy & Rose to design and build out a 3D Design of a car license plate used on the AMC Series NOS4A2 [ a.k.a. Nosferatu ] I love working with L&R , as I do hundreds of 3D Logos each year, but 3D illustration as a 3D Logo combines two things I love.

    I recently learned that the One Sheet Poster using my 3D License Plate Logo won the Muse 2020 Design Award, and that can be seen here.

      I deliver first with a low resolution render leaving off all post effects as well as turning off Anti-Aliasing[ a.k.a. AA ] so the render is quick for approvals, since this changes a few times each round. This saves time and budget for the client so it helps manage the project. Since I have been both a Creative Director , and Art Director, I am accustomed to managing costs from above, so below!.

     Once the low resolution render is approved I do a low resolution AA render to get a time estimate a for a final. As well as adding in the other render passes. This delivery is as a Adobe Photoshop Layered file, and a Smart 3D Image, so they automatically have an Alpha channel , saving the clients time and money as the object comes masked to the pixel perfectly. I also include a Z-Depth pass which is a depth based grey-scale mask for adding post effects [ based on distance from Camera. Great for Camera blurs , adding layers of fog or atmosphere], and an Ambient/Dirt pass which is a basic grey color with a dark dirt like material that 'finds the intersections' in the geometry and darkens them up adding either aging or just a nice shadow in the cracks.

    The final design is used for Posters, outdoor, online advertising as usual, but it is also used for the various books, Hard Back Sleeve, Paperback Cover, and Audio Book Key Art. It is also found on the Packaging Design for blue ray as well used by Home Entertainment Designers.

   As a Transportation designer I love all things automotive, so even the License Plate is fun the build realistically as a stamped aluminum plate. Denting and chipping it up having to create a custom set of texture maps for the material was also a part of 3D I really get to paint with too.

     If you need a bid for a 3D Illustration , or a 3D Model feel free to contact me for a quote. I am open to Hourly gig's , Work Retainers , Part-time , and Full Time opportunities [ Open to relocation ].

     I have worked for over a decade remotely, so I am ready to go in this Covid-19 situation with Back Ups and FTP and secure lines to transfer files to clients.

                                 Cheers, THOM

Monday, May 4, 2020

Personal Project: Volksrod- Vintage VW Bug Hot Rod Project - Work In Progress 3D Modeling PART I

 Volksrod Work in Progress 
3/4 Front shot shows the custom extended headlight buckets with 60's Peanut signal light on top.

Plan View directly from above shows the overall proportion of the chop. About 7" chop so quite a "Mail Slot" look, as I want that Bonneville Flats feel the Volksrod.

  Low Side View on the Cyclorama background stage gives a nice grounding to the blocking model with a simple dark surface with a lightly blurred reflective shader from Cebas Final Renders SE product.

  This underside view shows that the majority of parts have been blocked out. I recently rebuilt the rear trailing arms to be from an early 1957 VW, so all parts were modified from the Herbie blocking used earlier.

  Low Front view is one of my favorites I rebuilt the hood to add in the 54 louvers as well as adding a Safari windshield.

 Low Angle 3/4 Rear shot showcasing the newly built Early form 18" front , and 20" rear 30's styled Raw Steel Wire wheels and Pie Crust tires I plan to use.

 A High Birds Eye view a bit over the front louvered hood and Early Ford I-Beam front end.[taken from this model here]
Note: I will use a second set of doors to get the quarter windows to roll down using all stock mechanics, though they will be a 1-piece widow conversion and not have chopped vent wings like in the doors.

 A Birds Eye elevated Side view. Remember this is still a WIP[Work In Progress] so there is massaging of the virtual metal work to remove flat spots[ tops of door frames] and fix up the panel gaps[ Hood to front cowl] etc.

 A 3/4 view of the Side and Back showing the newly grafted in Split Window section and louvered Deck-lid. 
NOTE: the stock single 40HP engine in there is a placeholder for now , as I figure out the mill specs: Dual 48 IDA's , or maybe a DLI Supercharger, etc.

Personal Project
Vintage VW Bug Hot Rod Project 
PART I - Work In Progress 3D Modeling

     I have a few automotive personal projects I have tinkered with over the years along with many Business Automotive work. Being a Gear Head, and graduate from Art Center in the Transportation Design program I thoroughly love all things automotive, especially old cars and Hot Rods. Those who know me , know my passion for Vintage VW's as well. Having owned many cars with over a dozen being vintage VW's the subject matter is one that is very easy to get onboard with.

Link to Super Sized Image above is here on CG Society.

     Recently with the Covid-19 shutting down so much business, I have had too much free time , so when not looking for work, I am tinkering on my ongoing Volksrod project. A bit of history; I built a 3D VW bug [ 1963 Type 1]for the Herbie film 'Herbie Fully Loaded" while I was working as 3D Design Director at The Cimarron Group in Hollywood back in 2004. This was the first full model with interior and exterior as well as undercarriage and suspension I built. Since this model was rendered with cartoon shaders and used for both Print Posters , and 3D Animations in the TV Commercial spots it needed to have more than just the exterior skin built. 

 My 3D Herbie Fully Loaded work from a while back.

     I have since used this 3D VW model for two custom automotive projects, the first being my Bugster, which is a combination of a Porsche Speedster [ which I have also built in 3D here ] , and a Chop Top similar to the coach-built  Volkswagen Type 14A (commonly known as the Hebmüller Cabriolet of the late 40's. You can view PART I here , and PART II here.  The second is what I have posted today, the Volksrod.


 Bugster Custom VW
Hebmüller'esque with 356 Porsche parts.

     For those unfamiliar, Volksrods are a branch of the custom VW world that take their queues from the traditional Hot Rod world of the 1950's and onward. Similar to a Deuce Coupe, the cars are stripped of fenders customized with a Chop Top, or a Channeled Frame, and a sectioned body or a combo thereof. As with Hot Rods , you can find some are are High End customs , all the way to Garage "Rat Rods" some unfinished for life.

    This post is a WIP [ Work in Progress], so the work has many hours left on it. A few years back , I uploaded a short introduction video showing progress,and since then I have doubled my time into this personal project. 

     The purpose is to virtually build out the car prior to building one in real life , so I can work out the details before cutting begins. Think of this like a 3D Blueprint for the builder.

     If interested , I run a Vintage VW's Chop Top group on Facebook for all types of VW chop Top cars, there is a permanent link on the side bar, and you can click here as well.

Look for more posts as I continue with this personal project.
     If you have a 3D Design , Modeling, or Animation need Freelance, Part Time or Full-Time I am set up and and ready to go as I have been a remote studio for over a decade. All referrals are highly appreciated!

        Cheers, THOM