Monday, November 27, 2017

3D Illustration Finishing: Key Art for Movie Posters, Television Series, Billboards, DVD Packaging, Home Entertainment, Book Covers.

3D Illustration Finishing samples
[ full size Image can be seen here ]

3D Illustration Finishing
Key Art for
Movie Posters, Television Series, Billboards,
DVD Packaging, Home Entertainment, Book Covers.

Today I am showcasing my 3D Illustration Finishes I have participated in over a wide range of markets, from Advertising and Packaging to Book Covers Illustration. 3D Illustration is slowly being used more and more in a wide range of media for Key Art replacing pure photography manipulation and traditional 2D illustration. Hybrid use is what primarily is being done, where a small element or a large one is given to a 3D Illustrator to create for an overall 2D Comp for many markets, and photography ad 2D Illustration is mixed in.

3D Design and virtual photography has many advantages for the production and design teams, as well as for the accounting budget, as the asset is easier to manipulate that photography, due to the nature of the creation process involved. I have written about that here and here before.

I recently built a 3D couch for a virtual photo shoot, and with my Virtual 3D Furniture Asset, it can be any shape, design, or material. It can be rendered at any size, and the image is royalty free, fully owned by the client. There are no furniture pieces and accessories to find and rent,  no sound stage to rent or set to build, no camera man and scenic crew to hire, or lights to rent, and the virtual set is never taken down, and can be revised and adjusted years, and in some cases decades later, on a pixel by pixel accuracy that cannot ever be matched with photography.

Cost wise it is extremely difficult to match the price of the 3D asset.

As time goes on as a 3D Illustrator your library of 'parts' gets bigger and bigger, thus economically getting better in price over time for your clients.

3D Illustration still has many hurdles to jump over, even after doing this myself for near two decades, but it is here to stay.

If you have a need for a small prop or 3D Logo, all the way to an entire 3D Environment interior or exterior, please contact me for Freelance, part-time, full-time, Contract or relocation possibilities.

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                                    Cheers, THOM

Friday, November 17, 2017

3D Design for Environmental Graphics: Neon Signs, Marquees, Chasing Bulb, and Signage.

A sampling of the 3D Neon, Marquees and Bulb Chasing Designs I have done.[Full Size Here]

3D Design for Environmental Graphics:
Neon Signs, Marquees, Chasing Bulb, and Signage.

I have done thousands of 3D Logos for many applications from Film Posters and trailers, to designing signs for businesses and themed attractions. Today I want to highlight the ample use of Environmental Graphics as a 3D Designer, and the popularity of Neon.

I love old neon signs, the more aged the better, There is a great demand in environment design to create outdoor signage that works in themed applications from Themed Restaurants and Retail, to Them Parks. This work spills over into my bread and butter of doing 3D graphics for Entertainment, with building out a 3D signs or Marquees as a film logo itself.

Earlier this month I was part of a Silver winner for a Clio for the Standee for Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2, and even though the film logo itself was a block type design, they went with pink neon for the standee.

I love building virtual Neon, I have dozens of examples of them, and I have a large set of parts to work with from clips and hardware that support the tubes, to the rivets and small insulators, down to all materials dialed in for them.

Marquees with the chasing light bulbs exposed on edges and as holding devices also are a staple in my 3D Design work. I love the look and have built out simple spherical balls for lights down to a full detailed light bulb with filament inside, a nipple bulb glass with the base insulator with mounting hardware.

Most of these images have posts in my blog here covering them in detail, so search them out using the Goggle widget search on the TOP LEFT of the menu.

If you need a bid for a Neon Sign Logo Design, contact me.

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                      Cheers, THOM

Friday, November 10, 2017

3D Models for Architectural Visualization and Interior Design Part 3 Tables, Cabinets, and Cases

Here is a sampling of the Custom Tables, Cabinets, and Cases I have built in 3D virtually for my Arch-Viz Clients.[Full Size Link]

3D Models
for Architectural Visualization
and Interior Design

Part 3 Tables, Cabinets, and  Cases

Today I am posting the third installment for the Architectural Visualization work I do in building virtual Furnishing for my Arch-Viz clients, and today I am focused on tables, cabinets, and cases.

I was a professional cabinet builder during a hiatus from Art Center up in Tacoma Washington in the late 80's and I am an avid woodworker still, so I live to build in reality and virtually.

These jobs really are great as they stretch me as a designer. Whenever you build another designers work you get a bit inside their head. You start to grasp their sense of proportion and style. At Art Center in Viz-Com we did a similar exercise 3rd term and had to draw the persons design next to us in our style, then theirs. Really is a great way to break out of your safety zone as a designer. It broadens your reach so to speak.

Much of what you see in the above sample image shows that I have done extensive Mid Century Modern work, in which I already had a great love for. Now it's even stronger after building hundreds of classic designs from that era.

I  always deliver these assets as Quad Subdivision models ready to drop into the scenes with mapping and test rendered in a ambient material to check the surfaces for flaws prior to delivery. I can send them as 3DSmax files, OBJ and FBX exports for my various clients in 3DSmax, Maya, and C4D. As sub-D models they are fast to work with until render time as that can be activated and applied at the end of production, to achieve the high resolution needed from the low-rez Pre-Viz asset, to very detailed assets for close ups and all Catalog work.

If you are doing an Architectural Visualization or walk through and need a custom piece of furniture made, please contact me for an estimate from one small 1 Hour piece, to an entire collection.

PART I on Furniture-Chairs is Here.
PART II: Lighting and Electrical is Here.

                               Cheers, THOM

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Friday, November 3, 2017

2D Themed Environment Design: Theme Park, Retail, Restaurant, and Virtual Worlds[ Websites, Video Games etc.]

 Here is a sampling of my 2D Design Work sketches for Themed Environments.

2D Themed Environment Design Theme Park, Retail, Restaurants,and Virtual Worlds[ Websites, Video Games etc.]

With decades of 2D design work under my belt I have been privileged to assist in the creation of themed entertainment venues for a variety of clients in my career as a 3D Conceptual Designer. Environmental Design is a part of our training at Art Center when we go into Industrial Design, as we are prepared to interface with professionals of various disciplines to accomplish the themed look for whatever the end use may be.

I have worked for the larger Theme Park companies Walt Disney Imagineering, Universal Creative, as well as Landmark Entertainment Group. I have also been able to work for a few of the boutique studios like Sotto Studios, as well as the application of themed entertainment into retail, especially restaurant thematic design.

This skill set was also called upon for a virtual location for online work with Cyan Worlds up in Spokane WA back in 2000, to develop virtual worlds for the online versions of the popular games them make. I was connected with them while still at Imagineering and brought up to assist with those needs starting with 2D themed concept designs that would be built in 3D with a full architectural team and game team.

Themed design environment creation and Concept Art is also used in TV Animation work for various projects I have been on, including The Phantom 2040, Flash Gordon, and others.

If you have a need for thematic design from as small as freelance work, to a full relocation and full-time work, you can contact me here.

                                                         Cheers, THOM

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