Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Project Review: Universal StudiosT2-The Ride

The 3D Illustration Comped over the Photography for the Finisher to use.

Screen Grabs from 3DS max showing the basic set up and models for this 3D Retouching Exercise.

The T2 with the 3D Eyes added into the shot with the eyes at Camera now.

Screen Grabs from 3DS max showing the set up for the Eyes with some Hidden Geometry for shadows and reflections.

Terminator 2 The Ride 2004
3D Photo Retouching and Design.

Client: Universal Studios Hollywood via The Cimarron Group.
Art Director: Mary Ellen Schrock.
Project Date: Spring 2004.

While I had a running 3D Department at The Cimarron Group for six years, one of my regular internal clients was our Corporate division up on the 4th floor, which had at the time a retainer with Universal Studios, so we addressed any Marketing needs for the Theme Parks.

This post covers two separate jobs for the T-2 Attraction. One was a Liquid Metal Illustration for a few items so I took the background image and created a reflection map enviornment in Photoshop to reflect in the chome arms I built in 3D. THe finish render was a 2D Illustration blended into the Photo.

I also had to rebuild the eyes from the Terminator and turn them to Camera. Also the Photography was a very low resolution so I had to render these at 5K in width for a final piece of Marketing Artwork. Subject matter for an Industrial Designer is second to none for me on this fun project. It was a great experience to help out.

Cheers, THOM

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