Monday, December 13, 2010

Project Review: Ice Age 3:Dawn of the Dinosaurs

A 3D version of the Original 2D Illustration for the main title Logo

A Motion Graphics 3D Card animating into frame.

The 3D Card.

A 3D carved AV Card.

A 3D carved card "Ice Breakers".

A frame from the 3D animation of the BIG 3D.

A Frame from the Television Motion Graphics of the FOX Logo with Nuts stored in the "O".

Some Frames from the 3D Animation found on my Reel.

Dawn of the Dinosaurs
Motion Graphics work

Client: 20the Century FOX via The Cimarron Group.
Art Director: Steven Viola.
Project Date: Summer 2009.

One of my final 3D animation jobs I did for The Cimarron Group back last Summer was some Motion Graphics work for the Theatrical; release of the third film in the Ice Age Trilogy Dawn of the Dinosaurs.

Most of the work was title matching a 2D Illustration of the title and replicating it in 3D. The look was applied to all 3D cards animated and still. I also did a 20th Century FOX Icon in 3D filled with Acorns the signature prop of the Skratt Character you see in the films. It is in my Demo Reel as a wipe used in TV spots.

Cheers, THOM

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