Friday, December 15, 2017

 A Sampling of my Couches Lounges and Settees I have made. [ Full SIZE Image]

3D Models
for Architectural Visualization
and Interior Design
Part 4 Sofas, Lounges, and Settees

Today I am posting the fourth installment for the Architectural Visualization work I do in building virtual Furnishing for my Arch-Viz clients, and today I am focused on Sofas, Lounges, and Settees.

My library is near 1000 models just for architectural visualization, and I have built dozens of Sofas, Lounges, and Settees for various clients from fully rendered scenes for Arch-Viz, and simply providing 3D assets for Architects.

Much of what you see in the above sample image shows that I have done extensive Mid Century Modern work, as well are Arts and Crafts furnishing. 

If these are done for 3D Modeling delivery, I  always deliver these assets as Quad Subdivision models ready to drop into the scenes with mapping and test rendered in a ambient material to check the surfaces for flaws prior to delivery. I can send them as 3DSmax files, OBJ and FBX exports for my various clients in 3DSmax, Maya, and C4D. As sub-D models they are fast to work with until render time as that can be activated and applied at the end of production, to achieve the high resolution needed from the low rez Pre-Viz to very detailed for close ups and all Catalog work.

I also use these for walk through animations for Architectural work and stills.

If you are doing an Architectural Visualization or walk through and need a custom furniture made, please contact me for an  estimate from one small 1 Hour piece to an entire collection.

PART I on Furniture-Chairs is Here.
PART II: Lighting and Electrical is Here.
PART III Tables, Cabinets is Here.

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                                                                          Cheers, THOM

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

3D Illustration Characters: 3D Character Design for Print and Animation, 3D Robot Design, and 3D Figurative Design and 3D Character Modeling for Key Art.

Here is a sampling of the 3D Characters work.  Full size image can be seen here.

 3D Illustration Characters
3D Character Design for Print and Animation
3D Robot Design, 3D Figurative Design,
and 3D Character Modeling for Key Art.

Today I am showcasing my 3D Character work I have done over the years for a variety of clients, I have done character design in 2D and for 3D as well as building the 3D Characters myself. They range from cartoon styles to Robots to figurative and specific to film.  I have designed characters for TV Animation, Video Game, Anamatronics, as well as for Key Art in Print, MGFX as well as well for a wide range of market use. 3D Illustration is slowly being used more and more in a wide range of media for Key Art replacing pure photography, so custom modeled props and characters are part of this growing business.

3D Design and virtual photography has many advantages for the production and design teams, as well as for the accounting budget, as the asset is easier to manipulate that photography, due to the nature of the creation process involved. I have written about that here and here before.

If you have a need for a small 3D Character for still or animation, please contact me for Freelance, part-time, full-time, Contract or relocation possibilities.

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Cheers, THOM