Thursday, July 7, 2016

Project Review:Penny Dreadful 2014-Key Art Concept Skeleton Picture Frame.

The Shot as delivered for Penny Dreadful Season 2 Key Art. I finished for Season one here.

Here is an over-view shot showing the hand placement of each bone to create the ring shaped frame element for the One Sheet.
 I provide a Z-Depth Mask pass if requested by my clients so their Art Directors can do distance [ from Camera] based editing on a pixel by pixel basis.[ Fog, Desaturation, Camera effects and blur]

 A screen grab with the 2D Comp lined up. The black boarder is added before I begin to give the client bleed to the comp, so always safe to over-render a bit[ an inch or so]

Project Review:
Penny Dreadful Season 2-2014
Key Art Concept Skeleton Picture Frame.

Client: Showtime via Leroy and Rose.
Creative Direction: Melchior Lamy.
Project Date: November 2014.

A year earlier I finished with the 3D Illustration I did of the Scorpion Necklace for Season One on Penny Dreadful, seen here, and I was contacted to help with a concept for Season Two, A skeleton Picture Frame.

I received a 2D Comp layout with a rough mock up of a round framing element for the poster. I have had a Skeleton in my personal library for years that was used on various projects, so I broke it apart and began to design the frame.

The show is a dark concept so in keeping with that theme I used a black fog in the shot to drop all elements back into the abyss.

What a FUN concept to work on.

Cheers, THOM