Monday, April 16, 2018

3D LOGOS Part IV: Transparent[ Glass Crystal Water ] 3D Logos and Icons for Key Art

Sample Image of Transparent 3D Logo Design
Part IV Transparent[ Glass Crystal Water ] 3D Logos and Icons for Key Art

3D Logos Part 4 is my next installment on 3D Logos covering specifically logos and Icons that take great care to ensure legibility as this post covers transparent and translucent 3D logo creation and design. These logos can get lost and loose legibility due to the nature of the materials.
I do quite a bit of transparent and translucent logos from the glass and glowing neon work, to sub surface scattering inside an 3D volumetric material that is beyond the surface of the geometry.

It is the most challenging to make them legible as well as a design that can work on a light or dark background. Sometime you need to create multiple versions as glass is both reflective of the environment around it, as well as refractive[ light bending] of what is seen thru the objects. Caustics come into play with transparent materials as well, so you can adjust the setting to get those beautiful light glints inside in and on the surfaces of the logo and the surfaces directly around your designs as real world rendering and GI lighting affords the 3D Designer.
If  you have a need for a Transparent Glass or other look to a 3D logo, contact me for a quote today. Prices are very reasonable.

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