Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What are your standard Hour of Operation?
     A: I am open 5 days a week Monday through Friday from 10:00am PST to around 8:00pm.

Q: What is the best way to reach me?
    A: E-mail me at thommyboy@outlook.com, or call 626-215-4003.

Q: Am I available to work on the weekend?
    A: Yes, but I only will work on Saturday, not Sunday.

Q: Do you work just from the studio or will you work in house as well?
    A: I can do either, but the terms must be negotiated prior to beginning any work.

Q: Do I accept Spec[unpaid] work at 3D Conceptual Designer?
    A: No, I never work for free in commercial production. Pro-Bono for charity is another story.

Q: How do you charge?
    A: I charge an hourly rate that is negotiated on the length of contract and the turn around needed.

Q: Is 3D always expensive?
    A: No, depending on what is needed, 3D can be the most cost effective route.

Q: Does 3D always take a long time to produce?
    A: No, only "photo-real" imagery is the most time consuming in 3D.

Q: How fast do you work?
    A: Very Fast! Faster than anyone I have worked with over the last 18 years in fact.

Q: Do I get to keep the 3D Models used to create the 3D work?
    A: Not automatically, but they can be purchased separately, or as a full-buy out.

Q: Do I do freelance only, or am I open to contract and/or  full-time work?
    A: I am willing to discuss.

Q: Is your artwork on the website and blog for sale?
    A: No, all the artwork is copyrighted by the respective clients, and used solely for self-promotion.


Q: What 3D Program do you use?
    A: I use 3D Studio Max version 2013.

Q: Do you use a specific renderer most of the time?
    A: Yes, I use Cebas Inc.'s Final Render Version 3.5 SE.

Q: Do I use any other renderers?
    A: Yes, I use the Scanline, Mental-Ray and V-ray renderer's as well as needed.

Q: Can you export your models for other packages?
     A: Yes, of course, but understand that all exportations will loose some of the data.

Q: Do you charge for rendering?
    A: Yes, I have three rates depending on when the render is needed as follows:
        1. Day-Full-Time=1.00:  Same as my hourly rate.
        2. Day Part Time=0.50:  Half the hourly rate[ background task]
        3. Night Renders=0.25:  A Quarter of the Hourly rate.

Q: If the job is too large for your facility what do you require?
    A: I have long standing connections to existing 3D animators, designers, and modelers, and design firms and can expand as big as needed.


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