Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Project Review: Legend Films 3D Logo Concepts 2009

 The Blue look is what we hit first with the particle boxes all scatter about with a Sub-Surface translucent glass material shining thru.
 An overall shot of the full 3D layout as seen in this birds eye render.
 The 3D models I constructed themselves are seen in this polygon render for Legend Films.
 The second comp was the "Red' comp" which was a simplified design using the same provided Logo design from the client.
 This overall shot shows that it consists of just the logo and the background plate locked to the camera plane.
 A view of the polygons in the build for this 3D Model of the 3D Logo.

Project Review
Legend Films
3D Logo Concepts 2009

Client: Legend Films via The Cimarron Group.
Art Direction: Ronnel Velasco in Home Entertainment Division
Project Date June 2009.

This was one of my last 3D Project that I did while still in-house for the Home Entertainment Division at The Cimarron Group before the 3D Department was closed. I did this back in the summer of 2009, and this was a one day job to translate some 2D looks into full 3D for use in print and Motion Graphics applications for Legend Films a regular client.

I had done a few 3D logos for various projects for the Film company here, and here, but this time we addressed the look of their own 3D mark.

I was given a 2D still for each of the two looks I was to develop in 3D, as well as the illustrator files and proceeded to build out the 3D scenes. We did two looks in a deep blue and a hot red to present. They stayed with the 2D for the final, though the project was beneficial for us all as designers to explore taking 2D into 3D and how exactly that translates in design, time, and budgets.

Cheers, THOM

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Project Review: Ghosts of the Abyss-DVD Key Art 2003.

 Here is the final delivered cover Key Art shot I delivered for Ghosts of the Abyss back in 03'.

 A polygon shot of the above frame shows the density of the displaced mesh.

 A 3/4 angled shot showing that the scene is really very simple with a single volumetric light from above.

 This close up on the quads show the details from the displacement.

 A lowered camera with some depth of field for an alt was produced as well.

 A shot of the custom made bump map I created so that the entire surface with plates and rivets as well as the crust over the brass type would all be a single surface of caked on rusty corrosion.

Project Review
Ghosts of the Abyss
DVD Key Art 2003.

Client: Buena Vista Home Video via The Cimarron Group.
Art Direction: Home Entertainment Division.
Project Date: December 2003.

A very early project for me when I was in-house at The Cimarron Group in December of 03. I was tasked with doing a 3D Pass at the logo from the film Ghost of the Abyss for use on the new DVD packaging for the Home Entertainment Division there, so I got to work.

All the great shots from James Cameron's film showed the deep calcification and rusting in the ruins so I wanted the logo to be peeking out from that type of surface so I did a full 3D displaced surface for the backdrop for the type.

I created a custom displacement map using procedurals as well as the type and added in the rivets and other panels from the Titanic surface.

The file ended up being well over a million faces at render, and at the time took a while to render out a decade back, but the effect worked great.

Cheers, THOM

Monday, July 29, 2013

Project Review: Arthur and the Invisibles AMC Movie Watchers: Motion Graphics 3D Cards 2006

 Frame 0000 the top down view on the 3D ruby stack for the AMC Movie Watchers promo

 This is a very fast whip pan down so we are at front view in a fraction of a second as frame 0001 shows.

 By frame 0003 we are almost at front view, so a typical 6 frame whip pan seat was implemented.

 At frame 0005 we are almost there.

 It seated at frame 0006, and by frame 0011 it has drifted back to show the entire 3D asset, the card I built.

 A fast model with little quads besides the jewels themselves.

 A shot of the simple scene showing the depth I built out the various parts at. This was to be shot as a Stereoscopic, as this was a 3D film, but it was just used in the end for TV spots so it was not needed at 3K in both left and right as originally planned.

Project Review
Arthur and the Invisibles AMC Movie Watchers
Motion Graphics 3D Cards 2006

Client: via The Cimarron Group.
Direction: Scott Fleisher.
Project Date: Fall 2006.

Today is my first post from the new Studio Location out in Beautiful Littleton Colorado, and today I cover a Motion Graphics piece I did when I was in-house at the Cimarron Group for the film Arthur and the Invisibles back in2006.

There was an AMC tie-in for the film with the Movie Watchers program, only they wanted to have the ruby's in the graphic be real 3D ones to highlight to 3D in the film it was tied to so I created a multi-plane design emulating the 2D look of the card in the final seated frame of the 3D Animation.

I built it out set up the move , goit an OK from the director and proceeded with a fast 29 frak one second whip pan from the top view to the front with a little drift. A fun fast one day gig, that is typical of my work.

Cheers, THOM

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Monday, July 15, 2013

Personal Project Review: Craftsman Hallway 2008

 The Main shot first frame render in this testing Hallway design

 A vintage sepia/black and white shot of the hallway.

This ambient render shows what I built out int his virtual set.

 A close-up on the vintage ceiling fans I built[ also for sale on Turbo Squid by my former employer]

 An ambient render of the ceiling fan. 
NOTE this render hows the artifacts in the blades[ pre- SDS]

 A close up on the five-panel doors and vintage glass handled door locks.

 A view of the door handle details in the ambient render material. I beveled every edge in this scene to catch light on the edges.

Personal Project Review
Craftsman Hallway 2008

I built this hallway out for a variety of tests as well as some promotion work while running the in-house 3D Design Department at the Cimarron Group from 2003-2009, and today we will review this little project.

The design itself is patterned after the beautiful Craftsman I woned in Southern California and copied the design details from this 1911 Arts ad Crafts Grand Craftsman Bungalow in this virtual hallway.

I built this virtual set out for a few reasons ,one being a place to showcase the vintage 3D models I sold at Cimarron that are still available online here.

I also used the scene to promote 3D Architectural rendering services to the clients we had at Cimarron as well.

I also used this for my own internal render and lighting tests. I would experiment with render-times, anti-aliasing setting, 3D animations, camera FX, and general lighting practice.

A fun proejct I re-visit to do tests on occasionally still. 

Posting will be light this week as the Studio is Relocating.
Thank you for your patience.

Cheers, THOM

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Project Review: Le Rêve: 3D Logo Design Color Exploration 2007

 This Le Rêve test frame did not have the paint stroke for the leg in the "R"  but I used it until we had a clean asset as a placeholder to get the lighting ready for my run on the 3D logo designs.

 A double plate 3D Logo gold with a nice aqua green under-light for this version.

 For this Le Rêve 3D Logo I went with a peach color gel lighting that faded so the white-gold face would show thru as the colored light faded back[] attenuation ]. This is the version we used for Motion Graphics.

 Gold on Silver for this one with caustics active so you get the nice little hot spots thru out the design of this Le Reve 3D Logo.

 This 3D Logo incorporates a double glass set-up with caustic gets all the internal refractions. I did gold glass over clear for this Le Rêve Logo.

Chrome face plates over the Ruby Red Glass extrusion holding device.

A shot of the simple beveled and extruded two plate geometry.

Project Review
Le Rêve: 3D Logo Design
Color Exploration 2007

Client: Wynn Resorts via The Cimarron Group.
Art Direction: Myself.
Project Date: April 2007.

With 3D Logo creation, you sometimes start from scratch, and other times you are given a final vector design to make three dimensional, and with this project for the LasVegas Wynn Casinos it was the latter.

They had a design and wanted to see it in 3D, so I built out the file to match thier design in 2D and created the 3D file to do some 3D looks on. Once it is set up I did a few quick tests, and then it was a matter of creating the set of looks.

For this project I did half a dozen looks in a locked view a bit below the logo looking up. At the time, they wnated to go with a strain on view, but they saw the lowered camera showed off the 3D design better, so I went with that for all alternate looks.

The colors were mostly in the warm areas, with reds, golds, pinks, and yellows, and we did a cool backlight with a bit of blue and green reflecting up. 

Some were metal some glass,and some a combination. I fun project that was used in both Print and Motion Graphics applications as well as Web.

Cheers, THOM

Monday, July 8, 2013

Project Review KING KONG[2005] 3D Logo Designs PART III

 A procedural texture was used here for this thin font with complete surface rusting yet remains smooth[ not deep pitting]

 A Displaced 3D Rock logo I designed out for King Kong done in a very dark look, with almost just an edge light.

 A more heavily rusted procedural texture was used on the logo that is all smoothed without sharp edges[ like X-men] with bolts on the surface and a bit of the ocean color reflecting up to play on the theme of the island he came from.

 Metal type sitting on top of a rock pitted surface for this King Kong design with a wide one-line title with a curve and a tilted back camera view.

 A different lunar texture [procedural] is used on this rock and stone version. I was a fan of the word "King" cut into the word "Kong", and we had a few ideas we worked out on in this way.

 Deeper rust pits are now cut into a scratched up brushed metal softer cut logo designed here for King Kong.

A King Kong 3D Logo with a red organic consistent texture for this one liner.

Project Review
3D Logo Designs PART III

Client: Universal Pictures via. BLT and Associates.
Art Director: Creative Directed by Warren Nung.
Project Date: Summer 2003.

Today is my third post covering the 3D Title Logos I did for the film project King Kong, back in 2003, and today I have posted some added 3D Title Logos I worked on.

When I was given a Title at BLT I was given a series of vector files, basic direction, and then I was off to create. It was always a back and fourth process when they suggested looks, and I would as well.

Many clients come with a very specific look they want, and offer no exploration, so I create exactly what they give me, but for others, they will give me room to explore,and BLT was usually the latter, so King Kong was a fun concept to create looks for sure, as I explored a bit.

You car review my older PART I here.
You can view PART II here.

Cheers, THOM

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Project Review: They (2003):Theatrical Print 3D Illustrations "The Door"

 The final Main Shot of the Padded Cell Door, I designed and rendered out in 3DSmax for the film advertising for Wes Cravens They, from back in 2002.

 A lowered camera with a bit of an angle on the door way. Also desaturated the lighting.

 A virtual set affords as many rendered camera views as you want to buy, the set is done and easily is shown from a multitude of views to fine tune any comp at the design phase, which photography will not afford unless the set is hot and the AD is there.

 A love a fun fish-eye drawing and rendering so had to do a few with a 15 degree curve to the camera.

 The most dramatic low angle I rendered for the project.

 A Cut-Away shot of the box set I created wit the inner cell with the light source.[ At one point I almost built out the padded cell interior.-FUN!]

 A polygon shot of the door know, and key in the door.

Project Review
Theatrical Print 3D Illustrations "The Door"

Client: Dimension Films via BLT Communications.
Art Direction: Ronnie Blumenberg.
Project Date: April 2002.

Over a decade back now when I was still in-house at BLT in Hollywood I would regularly create 3D Illustrations for the various "Pods" or art teams for the presentations for theatrical print, or movie posters. And today I am covering the film They, a Wes Craven Horror film that they wanted a doorway with an institutional feel created in 3D for poster illustrations, as if we are looking into a padded cell. So wire in the window with a metal frame was decided, with the main door a bit dented up, with a dark ominous feel to the lighting and mood. 

Also they wanted the colors of greens and blues to be dominant with some yellows so I added in the volumetric lighting to color the shots as the film was toned that way and they wanted the marketing to play off the then very popular "Matrix Green Effect" as we called it.

I built the 3D Virtual Set out as a very simple box[ six wall ] set and rendered out the various angles from front, to fish-eye, for the various ideas presented. A fun one day gig where 3D is a great tool to get multiple views quickly and without any release of rights issue facing stock or custom photography.

Cheers, THOM

Monday, July 1, 2013

Project Review KING KONG[2005] 3D Logo Designs PART II

 For this version I had the KING float right over the brighter Metal KONG for this 3D Title Design I did for Peter Jackson's King Kong back in 2003.

 A mesh deformation was used to get the 3D cracks in this version of the 3D-Logo for King Kong.

 A HOT metal version here with rusted steel for the main Icon Logo.

 A brighter metal look similar to the X-Men Logos I did for BLT while there.

 A modified Lunar "Moon" Texture for this rock 3D Logo look with warm to cool light spills.

 A King Kong 3D Logo Design I did with a thin lip as seen in older tin signage.

Project Review
3D Logo Designs PART II

Client: Universal Pictures via. BLT and Associates.
Art Director: Creative Directed by Warren Nung.
Project Date: Summer 2003.

Today I have posted some added 3D Title Logos I worked on as one of my last 3D Design Illustration projects I did for BLT Communications back in 2003 while I was the in-house 3D Designer.

Stone, Metal, Rusty, and an aged look were the ones that the team required, and I was supplied with a dozen splines laid-out by the various Art Directors, and Type designers they employ, so I did a few passes for each font as usual so about 100 Logos were delivered.

This project would have benefited from the new Dirt Shader I use on a regular basis to age the 3D Illustration better, but I did use the great Simbiont procedural textures I created in Dark Tree on almost every render.

You car review my older PART I here.

Cheers, THOM