Thursday, December 9, 2010

Project Review:Elf Home Entertainment DVD AV Graphics.

The four original designed characters for the DVD marketing of Elf on DVD.

The final three Character Designs from the first pass that were used in the TV spots.

A Latter character of a Penguin with a 3D motion Blur test frame from the Spots above.

A rigged DVD package with the cover die-cut like the actual product from the spots.

The Screen shot of the sleeve over the Double DVD package.

A background snow scene for the Characters from the spots.

A "Harry Potter-ish" done in the toon style from the film for a "Misdirection Concept".

The final simple background used for the spots.

Elf on DVD
3D Graphics and Character Design for Home Entertainment.

Client: New Line Home Entertainment via The Cimarron Group.
Art Director: Susan Adams.
Animation: Dean Fowler via Machine Films.
Project Date: Fall 2004

While working at The Cimarron Group running a 3D Department/Division, I did animation and graphics for the Home Entertainment Division headed up by Susan Adams. This project was unique in that the film makers were not allowed to use the characters from the film due to some legal situation with Rankin and Bass the inventors of the stop motion look in the 70's that was emulated in the film ELF.

I designed new unique characters and brought in Dean Fowler the best character animator I have worked with to bring them to life. I did the typical DVD package animated with some DVD's coming out and did some backgrounds to match the look of the film. FUN stuff!

Cheers, THOM

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