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Project Review: The Palazzo Casino at the Venetian- Logo Design and Exploration 2006

 A Palazzo Logo with a look I've done before, a Triple Stack of metal bevels with enough gap between each plate to reveal a bit of the plates top face with a hint of warmth in the lighting.

 I love logos that drop the bar in the "A", as we have above, feels a bit ROMAN.

 This is the final logo they used, though not in 3D often, though it was on the website a bit early on.

 A Very Thin Deco inspired Logo similar to what I did here for Atlas Shrugged.

 A Logo with a small rotunda behind it ghosted back. For the MGFX we animated the lighting to reveal the dome and then go to just the highlights on the text to end it off.

 For this 3D logo for The Venetian 'Casino in a Casino', The Palazzo,  I did a dimensional wax pressed logo with the beautiful hand built internal design provided by Motion Graphics.

Project Review
The Palazzo Casino at the Venetian
Logo Design and Exploration 2006

Client: The Venetian via The Cimarron Group.
Art Direction: lots...
Project Date:Christmas 2006.

While in-house for six years at The Cimarron Group, I worked on a number of Casino related gigs as seen here, and here, so when the Venetian Casino approached us again, we put every team on the logo design for the new casino in the Venetian.

I had done some past work for the Venetian, so they wanted us to take a stab at the logo designs, and me being the little 3D department of One at the Cimarron Group, I too was given this task for a day or so. 

Some Logos are all my designs, and some I collaborated with Art Directors from the talented Print Department, and Motion Graphics Department to help- dimensional'ize some of their designs as well. 

The look was simple elegant platinum with hints of warmth. We did to a strong red and gold wax look, that they liked, but they loved the platinum look with the bright metals, and soft texture features. 

All in all it went a bit Deco at times, a fun exercise to explore, and I got to work with some great fellow Designers too on this one.

Cheers, THOM

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