Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Project Review: Production Design on the Raveonettes' Music Video: Heart of Stone Head Design Development PART IV

The rendered shot I sketched over to create the design for the Raveoneettes "Heart of Stone" concept production design.

A 3/4 view of the 3D scene I built to sketch over. 

Here is the rough sketch on tracing over the print out from the 3D grid. 

Here all all three layers still together 

Here is the final Line art for the inside of the head. 

The final delivered Image[ re-posted].

Production Design:
Raveonettes' Music Video: Heart of Stone
Head Design Development 

Client: Blind.
Art Director: Chris Do.
Project Date: January 2010

Today I have posted my fourth part, in a series on the Production Design work I did for the Music Video Heart of Stone by the Raveonettes, and for today I am showing the 'behind the process', in the creation of the head set-piece.

I had just 4 Hrs total to complete the task, including designing it out, and sketching a single image accurate in 3D space so a team of 3D modelers could build off the one sketch as in my last post on the Torso.

I once again used a3D Perspective Grids in the same way I use 2D ones. to create an accurate space to sketch quickly over.

I had a lot of fun especially in the head area as a designer. I liked the old camera in there for the eye as I am a collector of these myself, and I added in the Old style ticker tape machine up in the "brain" area as well. Speakers and a Mic in the ear, and a furnace in the throat too.

A fun design exercise.

Cheers, THOM

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