Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Project Review: E-Marketing -3D Custom Modeling- Old Drive In Theater-PART I

 A Birds Eye view of the model I built of this Old Drive In Theater.

 A ground level shot of the entry with ticket booth, sign, and the back of the screen structure, and of course, a bunch of neon.

 An alternate view of the 3D Model for the Ticket Booth for this Drive In.

 Here is a shot for over the fence[ where the kids would sneak in a flic], showing the projector house/snack bar in f the foreground, and screen far back.

 A front view of this Old styled Deco Snack bar at the Drive In.

 As we exit the Drive-In we see the back of the sign structure in there with the lighting, as well as the ticket supports as well.

  Here is a shot of the last leg of the exit before we turn at the booth, hope you enjoyed the double feature!

Project Review
E-Marketing -3D Custom Modeling
PART I  Old Drive In Theater

Client: E-Marketing via The Cimarron Group.
Art Director: Greg Orlowski
Project Date: 2008.

Back in 2008 while in-house at The Cimarron Group, I regularly posted 3D Models for sale on Turbo Squid, and I published an e-mail if someone wanted custom work, well this is how I started doing work for them, so I will be covering these custom little "SIM-city-ish sets I designed for them to implement on a interactive website.

For this first part in the series I will cover the old styled Drive In that I built out. A full square set piece from entry to exit. I had built out a Drive In years earlier while I was still at Walt Disney Imagineering back in the 90's for a Scream Attraction, so I was well versed in the look. I am also a real vintage and antique buff myself, so this is a subject matter dear to me, and that makes these jobs not just more fun, but a whole lot easier to do.

I built out the Neon Signs, entry ticket booth, the projector house with snack bar, and the screen itself. I also built out the parking spots at an up angle to view the film like they did back then, as well as the window speakers and a fence all around the perimeter.
This was a 6-7 Hr project form start[ no design], to a final FBX asset.

As a 3D Designer, my clients come to me without a design, knowing that as an Art Center trained professional, I will design as I build, to cut out the middle step and expense involved.

Cheers, THOM

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