Friday, April 1, 2011

Project Review: Warner Brother Digital Copy

A very early Logo with a digital mark from 2007 for Warner Brothers Digital Copy.

A close up on the 3D pixelation of the Disc.

An early Icon with the "D" and the "C" interlocked.

A 3/4 view of the above 3D Logo I built for Warner Brothers Studios.

A second Icon design I did for Art Director Darren Keller with the two letters locked by arrowheads.

A back-lit version at a 3/4 worms eye view of the above 3D Logo.

A dual arrow Icon with a circular simplified disc in the middle.

A Virtual Photo-shoot for the website from 2009 with an iPhone and Mac book connecting showing the technology.

An exploded view of the iPhone[ first version] that I built out and re-used for WB here.

Warner Brother Digital Copy

Client: Warner Brothers Studios via The Cimarron Group.
Art Director(s) HE: Darren Keller,IA: Mike Potter, and Michael Paul Terranova.
Project Date(s): HE: Winter 2007, Fall 2009.

I worked on two phases of the Warner Brothers launch of the Digital Copy technology where you get a PC friendly copy on your Blue-Ray or DVD to put on your phone or laptop. Early on I did logo and Iconic Mark concepts for our Home Entertainment Division, and two years later, I did some work for the website launch for the Interactive Division.

The 3D pixelating CD image was a fun concept to revisit as I did 3D glass cubes a few years back and it emulated a 3D pixelation feel and so I proceeded with one look that way. We also explored pure icons with arrows and a warm orange coloration. And the last part in 2009, I built out an iPhone for an Iron Man game, and I reused it here along with a stock model of a mac book that they provided for the finals.

Cheers, THOM

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