Monday, April 18, 2011

Project Review: Timeline 2003

The 3D finish had my wireframe overlays and a 3D Logo used.

An Iron Dome helmet with a "T" eye opening for Timeline.

An alternate smooth helmet design with a slot for some comped in "eyes".

A rusted spiked helmet done for a few comp ideas for Timeline.

A complex helmet design reflecting fire a main look for the film.

An Iron Spiked ball with a "T" in the design as a teaser Icon.

A Medieval battle Axe Design I did for Timeline.

An hourglass concept was explored along with the arrow that shatters the time.

An alternate Hourglass shatte4r up close with grains of sand and glass shards.

A shield Logo for print advertising ideas.

Timeline 2003

Client: Paramount a Viacom Company via BLT and Associates.
Art Director(s): Rick Lynch, Zack Ris, and Jeff Barnett.
Project Date: Fall 2003.

One of my final projects that I did when I was an In-House Design Director at BLT almost 8 years back now, was for the Print and AV advertising campaign for Timeline, a new time travel movie starring Paul Walker.

I built out a large lot of props and a few logos as well. Also for the finish I built wire-frames to match the photography as a "grid" overlay look. As for the helmets, I had no scrap reference so I winged it with designs and did about half a dozen comps. I also did weapons with an axe, a sword and some 3D arrows as well.

I ended up getting the finish for the posters and for AV. For the poster I did the logo and the wire-frames to match the photography of the hand and bow. For AV I did a simple glass wall flip based on the time machine itself from the film. Fun stuff from eight years back.

Cheers, THOM

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