Thursday, April 7, 2011

Napkin Sketching: PART V

Another 550 Spyder sketch I did, this was a notepad sketch I did in a meeting break.

A "finned" Later 50's toon-car I sketched out.

Bad to the Bone!

A droopy melted toon Buick.

A fastback tooned "sled".

Napkin Sketching Part V

In this fifth installment of the Napkin Sketches I do while out and about, I am posting some more vehicles I designed while sitting at the bar drinking my Newcastle nut Brown Ale[ back when I could] in Pasadena CA in the middle 90's. I tend to refine and re-draw a few favorites you will see early 40's cars as well as 58' Plymouth Fury "Christine" here and there along with a 550 Spyder or Speedster here and there too.

Keep on Sketching friends: It keeps you sharp as an artist to continue to exercise via sketching, I cannot express the importance for all you fellow designers out there, DRAW!

You can view the other parts here:





Cheers, THOM

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