Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Personal Project:: Harley Davidson Old School Chopper 2001

A decade old design I did for an Old School Chopper.

A must have springer front end with bee-hives.

Hardtail frame or it 'aint a chopper!

The proportions follows all long frame choppers but the shapes are early Harley.

A Baseball Mitt seat.

Top View Primered model of the Chopper from 2001 I designed.

Personal Project
Harley Davidson Old School Chopper 2001.

Back almost 12 years back I built this design for an Old School chopper. This was just before the American Chopper phenomena was in full bore, and it was coming in strong in transportation as a huge resurgence in the art form.

I wanted to try my hand at it virtually, as I did not have the iron myself so I built this instead. I have not revisited the design in a decade and plan to return to it, finalize the design and build one for real.

As a Transportation Design major from Art Center, chopper design is a very satisfying art form as it allows old and new design techniques as well as it suits itself to thematic design with the various looks that can be achieved with the same bike.

Cheers, THOM

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