Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Project Review: ABC Television

A Gold 3D version of the Iconic ABC Logo.

A Backstage Set I built for Print advertising for ABC.

Push Nevada 3D Sign for a Newspaper Comp.

A Dark Jail Cell for a Poster Comp for the Show, The Practice.

A Small Prop I built of a 3D Picture frame.

A Busted down door Virtual Set for the show, Regular Joe.

A Front Porch Virtual Set at Night for Regular Joe as well.

A POV shot of a brass bed done for ABC.

For the Bachelor a pile of Heart Candy with the phrase "Choose me" as a Semi-Photo real 3D Illustration.

Logos and 3D Illustration

Client: ABC Television via BLT and Associates.
Art Directors, Alessandro Cornia, Daren Clary.
Project Date(s): Winter 2002-2003.

While running the 3D department at BLT and Associates I provided 3D Illustration and 3D Logo services for the Television division of ABC. I worked on a number of shows and specials, and I even got to take a stab at the Circle Logo in Gold they had a few years back.

I worked on the AMA Awards, Regular Joe, Push Nevada, The Practice,The Bachelor, The Drew Carey Show, and Who Wants to be a Millionaire.

I did a lot of virtual sets as backdrops for the photography to be placed in for the various comp ideas I was given by the Creative Directors. What was nice was every week there was a different place to build in 3D for some new show, so the variety in design was broad.

Cheers, THOM

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