Friday, July 30, 2010

Project Review: Out Takes PART II

Wacom Tablet Side Clamp.

The Hand Scanner needed a custom built Cradle to sit into.

A Recurring Theme in the Design was the Powder Coated Truss that is used .

For The final Design these were the pivot covers for the main CRT.

The Custom Built Metal Clamps used to hold the CRT's in an Alternate Design.

Out Takes
Universal City Walk 1992

Client: Out Takes Via Eric Allard at All Effects.
Art Director: Eric Allard.
Project Date Summer 1992

Before I was working full-time in 2D television animation I had a one month gig to work out at Eric Allard's All Effects in the Valley on the Out-Takes project as can be reviewed in the first post HERE.

Out-Takes was a blue screen photography studio at Universal's City Walk Outdoor Mall in California, and this second post covers the parts drawing that were needed to build two of these tables. As a designer vs. an Illustrator we need to be able to build what we design so parts drawings are always a part of the job when you have an outside team doing the construction. When I build my own designs part breakdowns are usually not needed , at least to such a degree as needed with outside builders, so that is one more area where the client saves time and money with a designer builder combo.

Cheers, THOM

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