Friday, July 2, 2010

Project Review: Monster House Logo Explorations PART I

Client Provided font: A finished Logo for AV spots.

A version built with wooden framing from the old house.

A Solid Wood version using eh provided font.

A Back-lit volumetric version of the framed logo above.

An early AV concept where we project the logo on the front door of the house as if it was the flashlight beam moving up and down.

A simple bold font direction[ one off]

A very "tooney" look to the logo with big nails and wooden lathe and plaster construction.

Project Review
Monster House Titles PART I

Client: Columbia Pictures via The Cimarron Group.
Art Director: Roland Mesa.
Project Date: Spring 2005.

For the Monster House Movie I did get a bit of time for some experimentation, but the Logo itself was design-locked outside Cimarron early on so the majority of what I was tasked with was to create a variety of looks based on the font they provided.

When I came on the job the bright red logo was already established, but they wanted to see a few more ideas, so I developed a few looks and I enhanced the look on the red logo as well which did end up getting used for a few television spots.

Cheers, THOM

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