Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Napkin Sketching Part I

An Early Hop Up, Ford Vicky.

356A Speedster Zoomin'

A early 60's styled "toonish face" vehicle.

A 1957' Billy Joe!

Side view "Toon Taxi".

Another "Toon Taxi" this one sports a Buick grill.

A sand Buggy concept I did while on a job designing sand buggys.

A Full Custom "SLED".

Napkin Sketching "Vehicles" Part I

Most designers who actually can draw like myself love to draw. We doodle and scratch on almost any surface we find. So Napkin sketching while sitting at a bar is something I have done for decades. I tend to save my sketches so I will be scanning and posting a variety of sketches I have done over the years. The value of sketching beyond the sketch itself shows a bit of the design process unfetter in the head of the designer as a window into the thinking. Sketches for myself are the most free from constraint and subject matter is all over he place.

Enjoy a few vehicles I have done over the years while sitting at The Derby, Q's Billiards, and the Muse in Old Town Pasadena in the 90's.

Cheers, THOM

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