Monday, July 12, 2010

Project Review: Mazda MX-6 1992

My Main Concept Sketch for the City sized Warehouse holding the Time Capsule.

A Photo of the practical Set Made at Design Setters for the spot.

A "Hero" shot showing the car in the time capsule as a spot finish.

An early concept for the glass tube capsule.

Quite Possibly my first sketch Post A.C.C.D. of the crane miniature that moves the car in capsule.

A practical model base for the actual car to sit on to match the CGI.

A close up of the Set Design in concrete and Iron Beam Details from the main print.

The final design for the Sets used in the spot.

A close Up detail from the Blueprint for the final Crane design.

The final Blueprint for the Crane Design.

MAZDA MX-6 1992

Client: Mazda Motors via Design Setters.
Art Director Mike Stuart.
Date Spring 1992.

Upon graduation from Art Centers Transportation Design Program just 45 days earlier, little did I know where this job would take me as my my first Post College job. Design Setters was on a generic list of Set Design Companies at Art Center, and I took down the name and number. I called and spoke with the head of the Miniature Shop Henry and He asked I stop by to show my work. As a Trans Major at A.C.C.D. we are trained in manufacturing and since I was already a cabinet builder[ Professional level] I figured I would start in a Model shop.

Well after the short interview I realized they did not have any work for me and I began to pack up. While packing a call came down from the design department upstairs that they were unable to secure the designer for the job and needed a reference, so talk about being at the right place, WOW! I walked upstairs showed my work and was hired on the spot, and started sketching 10 minutes latter. They loved that all I needed was a ballpoint, ruler, and some Xerox paper to go.

The job was the put an MX-6 into a Time Capsule to keep as the car was touted as a "Masterpiece". I did the concept design work on the capsule itself which was a CGI asset and I helped design the set which was practical. This was also my first brush with Rhythm and Hues with whom I still do work for as a freelancer.

Cheers, THOM

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