Friday, April 27, 2012

Project Review E-Marketing -3D Custom Modeling PART II Small 3D Airport

 Here is an overhead view similar to what the final 3D model was used for in the 3D interactive illustration I did back in 2008 for E-Marketing[ Nomadic].

 As we approach the 'virtual' terminal with parking on the left.

 Here is a shot down low at street level[ a bit high], of the Arival and Departure lanes that run in front of every airport, virtual or not!

 Here is a reverse angle looking back at the entry and a few of the gates out on the concourse.

 A shot on one of the three runways looking back at the nine gates I built out.

 A shot at a landing POV of a virtual plane for this little 'SIM-styled' airport.

 Here is a shot of the Helicopter pad looking back at both the entry on the left, and the first wing of gates on the right.

Project Review
E-Marketing -3D Custom Modeling
PART II  Small Airport

Client: E-Marketing via The Cimarron Group.
Art Director: Greg Orlowski
Project Date: 2008.

This is part two, in the series I have started on my custom design and modeling services I offered to E-Marketing back in 2008, while in-house at The Cimarron Group in Hollywood, CA.

A little airport with all the fixin's, is up today for your viewing. Each custom designed city block was used in an interactive online map of sorts, that we only saw from up high in the iar above it[ virtual air!]

 However there was a chance that they would expand this site, so they had me build out extra details on the designs, so that they would work up close a bit too.

This was a 7-8 Hr project form start[ with no design yet], to a final FBX asset exported over for the Maya user they worked with in AZ to finish out.

As a 3D Designer, my clients come to me without a design, knowing that as an Art Center trained professional, I will design as I build, to cut out the middle step and expense involved.

Look for PART III shortly.

You can view PART I here

Cheers, THOM

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