Friday, September 14, 2012

Sure-Grip International PART III The 75th Anniversary Logo Redesign: The Button

 A very early button design using the SG inside the ellipse done for Sure Grip International.

 Here is  staggered the two letter to fit inside the holding device shape. This was all done in the rough textures first as they wanted a rough look for the Derby Catalog.

 As I progressed the Holding plate became a ring with the hollow center showing through. This comp also fit in the 3D 75th in there too.

 A red version, as SGI uses Red, White, and Blue as the primary colors for their brand.

 The final design with the 75th on it done for Sure Grip.

Here is the final Button design I did currently being used in various applications.

Sure-Grip International PART III
The 75th Anniversary Logo Redesign: The Button

Client: Sure Grip International.
Art Director: Myself.
Project Date:  September-December 2011.

This is my third post covering work I have done for Sure Grip International[ SGI], the largest and oldest skate manufacturer in the USA.

I did some 3D-Logo work a few years back when I first began doing work for them that is posted here,

I also, as an Art Center Transportation-ID Design grad designed the look of the new DA45 Plate The Avenger, as a sharp edged stealth look for them and that design post can be seen here.

Today I have posted the first part for the new revised logo I created for them.

The Logo was specific for the Derby Catalog so I did both a clean bright colored look, and an aged heavy metal and concrete look to each design.

They wanted an SG in a circle or holding device, and we eventually went with the tilted ellipse to emulate the original 1928 logo they had. This design went to final and is being used now for various button applications.

I will post the final full type long version of the logo in the next few weeks in added posts.

Cheers, THOM

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