Monday, September 17, 2012

Project Review Snow White and The Huntsman 2012 PART II 3D Type for Standee 3D Printing

 The main delivered look for the stereo-lithography, or 3D Printing for the standee for Snow White and the Huntsman.

 A close up of the middle of the logo in gold as finished for Snow White.
 A simple shot on white was originally the test image I did to match the 2D finish.

 Here is the polygon view showing both the low resolution base mesh I hand built, along with the subdivided mesh with endless smoothing [ depending  on your machine that is].

 An angle on the details showing the small flange around each letter.

 Here is another angle showing the higher[ sub-division poly model] and low poly base witha bit of draft designed into it to pull from the mold.

Project Review
Snow White and The Huntsman 2012
3D Type for Standee 3D Printing

Client: Universal Pictures via Midnight Oil Creative/LAgraphico
Art Direction: myself.
Project Date: May 2012.

I regularly build out 3D assets for my clients to use in various posters or Motion Graphics work, but this project was a bit different as I was hired to help with a Stereolithography 3D print project for the Premiere of Show White and the Huntsman released this Summer in theaters, and now o On Demand.

I have built out hundreds of 3D logos with a hand built Single-Point-Bevels type look that is very popular still, but for this project my Industrial Design hat was put on as I needed to help create a "Buck" for the vacuum forming of the 3D type to be built as a huge standee.

The first and most important thing I addressed is the flange. The flange is the lip that would be needed all around each letter so it could be glued to the base-plate with more surface that was flat, so I designed to scale this feature in my STL[ stereolithography / 3D Printing] model.

I also had to add some draft to the file so it could be pulled off the buck-mold, and I was trained in mold-making at Art Center, so I was able to access that training for this quick half day gig.

Cheers, THOM

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