Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Project Review: Game Show Set Conceptual Design:Roulette Wheel.

 My first design pass I only sketches one section out to confirm the design. I did the shoulder bar design typical in coaster from my Theme Park Design days.

 Here is the base 3D set up I made for the above design first. I did this in less than half what the perspective grid by hand would have taken. 3D is truly the BEST perspective tool there is.

 Here is my second pass sketch still taped to the print out of the 3D framework I designed first.

 Here is the final sketch as delivered to my client.

 Here is the modified 3D asset I built first to speed up the design process.

     Here is a screen grab showing the simple set-up for this 3D scene. I sent this over so they could use it as a base for an animatic as well.

 Project Review
Conceptual Design:Roulette Wheel.
Client: Rock!T[ Now Method Studios]
Art Direction: Seven Viola.

Project Date: March 2011.

Today I am posting for my regular Tuesday 2D post, a fun design project from 2011 that I did for Steven Viola at Method Studios for a Game Show client pitch for a Set Design piece.

Steven and myself worked together over at The Cimarron Group for about 6 months back in 2008-9, and he contacted me to help with some sketch Concept Designs for his current project.

I had done Set-Design for a few years right out of Art Center, and I still get a small occasional design project in this area such as this.

A fun concept with a roulette wheel where the contestants were literally strapped into a chair attached to the wheel and would experience a real spin during the game. I did the basic design in a few passes, and I knew I could do this faster with my 3D perspective grid blocking done in 3D, though I would sketch over the base wires to present it as a sketch. I also provided the file back to Steve so they could sell an animatic of the prop as well.

I rarely get 2D sketch work, as I do mostly 3D CGI work, but I long for these fun little gigs, and had a blast working with Steve again on this.

Cheers, THOM

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