Thursday, September 13, 2012

Project Review Conceptual Design:Un-Named Teaser Trailer Spaceship Conceptual Designs PART I

 Here is my sketch for the basic design of the Mothership for version "A"

 Here is my 3D spaceship base model I build to sketch over as my 3D Perspective Grid.

 This is my first pass design at a little fighter ship to go along with the mother-ship above for this no-named trailer. I still like the way the fingers in the design seem to squeeze the sides a bit showing a soft body design.

 And this is the very simple grid object I created to sketch over for this concept too.

 Here I also provided a sample showing the cluster of fighters forming the nano-net.

 My sketch for the fighter in this alt went much better and closer to the mother-ship look, and YES those are eyes, I often add personal characteristics to vehicles[ look up Coke Bottle]..

Here is a shot of the last 3D perspective grid object I built out.

 Project Review
Conceptual Design:
Un-Named Teaser Trailer
Spaceship Conceptual Designs PART I
Client: Rock!T[ Now Method Studios]
Art Direction: Seven Viola.

Project Date: July 2011.

Today I am posting for my regular Thursday 2D post, a fun design project from just over a year ago in the Summer of 2011 that I did for Steven Viola at Method Studios as well.

This time I got to design spaceships, a dream design job for us Industrial Design majors from Art Centers Transportation program. In fact we need to be taught to STOP drawing so many space shops as most of us folks LOVE to deign these craft, that by the time we leave ACCD we have nothing BUT spaceships.

As before, I could do this faster with my 3D perspective grid blocking done in 3D, though I presented the finals as sketches , the base was concepted in 3D first to speed things up and lower the cost substantially for my client.

I did three base designs with a "Mother-ship, or BIG design, and a small "Fighter" that would interlock to form a complex nano-tech like surface as seen in the grouping shot above blocked in 3D.

Today I have posted my first design A, and I will be posting B, and C in the weeks to come, so enjoy the posting. This "A" design did go to a final round in 3D so I will be presenting that as well.

I really still love to draw and design, and 3D and 2D are both tools in my virtual Art Bin!TM

Cheers, THOM

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