Thursday, March 15, 2012

Project Review: Virtual Magic Kingdom PART VII-Curvilinear Perspective Wrap-Frontierland

 Here is a scan of the clean Curvilinear Perspective Grid I made from North , East, South, and West vanishing points for these wraps.

 Here is the 38" wide Frontierland full HUB sketch I did back in the mid nineties.

 Here I overlay the grid over my sketch so you can see how I followed the base grid  for my drawing.

 Here is a close-up shot of the far LEFT of the sketch looking to the gate.

 The middle of the  wide sketch with the various old buildings.

 A close Up of the RIGHT side of the wrap with the Haunted Mansion there at the end on the hill.

Project Review: 
Virtual Magic Kingdom Video Game PART VII
Frontierland Curvilinear Perspective Sketches

Client: Disney Interactive
Art Director: Myself
Project Date: Summer 1996

This is my seventh post in my series on the Virtual Magic Kingdom [ VMK] project I did for Disney Interactive back in 1996, and with this post, I cover  third HUB perspective wrap that I , and this time I worked on a old muddy, rutted road with the town of Frontierland smack in the middle. You can view the rest of Frontierland here.

We put the Haunted Mansion on on end of the town, and the big Gate on the other that leads back to the HUB. You can also see this in my large overhead sketch here. A fun exercise to develop the overall look and be able to see it in 360 degrees as well.

I have taught fish-eye perspective using grids for years, it certainly helps you visualize a real dimensional space, as this sketch was then built out in 3D for the game in Alias Wavefront[ Pre-Maya days] by the talented 3D team.

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