Friday, January 8, 2010

Project Review: Virtual Magic Kingdom

24' x 36" Full Map of the Proposed Adventureland Game.

A Side shot inside the Temple where the Jungle Cruise game would take place

I water level view into the Pirates Castle behind the attraction

Inside the Queue line for the Jungle Cruise "Post Destruction"

3/4 Top view of the Jungle Cruise Queue Building

Out front of the Queue with discarded treasure chest etc

Another Angle on the entry to the Jungle Cruise ride.

Project Review: Virtual Magic Kingdom

Client: Disney Interactive
Art Director: Myself
Project Date: Summer 1996 to Fall 1998

Back in 1996 I was hired on at Disney Interactive in Glendale CA. to be the 3D Art Director for the big new project in their "Entertainment" division of Disney Interactive[ DI].

I actually started out as a freelance designer, and about 6 weeks into the job, I was offered a full time position as a co-Art Director on the biggest project they had, The Virtual Magic Kingdom[ VMK].

VMK was essentially a typical Disney Theme Park where all the villan's escape at night and wreak havoc on the park, and you need to go in Land by Land and fix it. I worked with two very talented Producers who define what a producer is to be to a creative team, namely Terry Dobson, and Roger Holzberg.

The park itself was built in 3D using Alias on SGI's, and all animation was done as 2D by Karen Johnson Productions out of Racine WI on an Amiga. Coded on a Mac and designed on a PC, this was a Multi-platform-project to say the least.

Above are sketches of the destroyed Advetureland where the Natives in the Jungle Cruise and the Cowboys in the Old West area were trashing the park.

Cheers, THOM