Monday, March 26, 2012

Project Review: X-Men 2: PART III-3D Logos from a Single Vector

 A double plate 3D Logo design I did for X-Men 2, with some mild pitting in the scratched steel face.

 A glass plate with a heavy bevel and a thin metal plate on top for this X-Men 2 Log I did back a decade ago.

 The top X-Men 3D Logo objects have a heavy thick bevel and the holding device has about half as much. Sitting on a gloss black surface.

 Here I did a hollow face logo for X-Men, with a very big bevel in a warm environment for lighting.

 Here is a deep extrusion coming up from infinity to reveal the above logo with a much deeper holding post.

 A solid two plate design with the X objects pulled out from a bit in 3D space for this X-Men 3D Logo.

 For this alternate I revered the type move and put the "2" out front, I also then cut out the insides to make a deep pocket in there for heavy shadows on a simple x, and a 2.

Project Review
3D Logo Designs from a Single Vector File

Client: 20th Century Fox Via BLT and Associates.
Art Director: Zack Ris
Date: Spring 2001

I had well over 200 logos I did for X-Men 2 from a decade back now, when I was an in-house 3D  Designer over at BLT and Associates, and today I have details on one sub-set all based on a single Vector file.

Part of what was great over at BLT, was that an Art Director would give me a single vector file designed in 2D, and also give me plenty of design space to create a dozen solves, not just one. 

Since I am versed in 3D design space,and most importantly, I was taught to think in three dimensions via my Industrial Design Degree from A.C.C.D., I always see a flat vector in multiple solves at delivery in 3D. I usually drop a few suggestions to an Art Director, but typically I do just one design for each logo, but here on X-Men 2, I had time to do about twelve per vector file.

I will be posting a few more solves from other vectors in the future for this X-Men 2 series I have here on my design blog.

You can view PART I here and PART II here, or you can search the blog using X-Men to see my X-Men 3, and First Class stuff as well.

Cheers, THOM

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