Monday, March 12, 2012

Project Review: X-Men 2: Part II-Cerebro Door Icon Designs

A Cerebro Door Icon I designed that had a metal brushed front plate, with blue glass sandwiched in between, with some fasteners l holding it all together.
By far my personal favorite for the Cerebro Doors I did for X-men two, was this example, with a cast iron double base plate, and a machined top face.

I took the top brushed face and first level of casting from my 'fave up there', and created a "spherical" LOGO that would spin up for the AV and web usage[ my first intro into Motion Graphics]

Metal face with blue glass within with a floating negative space reading "X". A fun solve for X-men that ended up looking alot like what was finished for Fantastic 4 a few years past[ by another artist].

I had this one with 'pachinko' pinball balancing the four parts forming the X for X-men 2 Cerebro Doors that I designed.

 An X door on a rock wall split into two doors, with the lighting taken from the first films finished look at BLT

Project Review
X-Men 2: PART II
Cerebro Door Icon Designs

Client: 20th Century Fox Via BLT and Associates.
Art Director: Zack Ris
Date: Spring 2001

I had well over 200 logos I did for X-Men 2 from a decade back now, when I was an in-house 3D  Designer over at BLT and Associates, so today I have gathered up a set of my favorite Cerebro Door Icons that I did for the project to foucs on them in a better scale to view.

I love doing big metal superhero logos , and this part of the project was a blast to come up with some looks. I had a basic brushed metal look, established in the first film that I used as my spring-board, so I did some direct replicas in 3D, since the first film uses a 2D illustration for the big X, since it is not a real 3D asset.

I had a great amount of design room given to me on this[ BLT's strength!], to come up with some heavy metal, and iron looks for these icons. I did cast metal, brushed metals, lots of blue glass[ that eventually went to Fantastic 4]. A fun process and end product.

You can view PART I here or search the blog using X-Men to see my X-Men 3, and First Class stuff as well.

Cheers, THOM

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