Monday, February 27, 2012

Project Review: Launch City PART VIII[ 8th]-The Target Jukebox Design 1999.

Here is the original final shot for Launch CD-zine Issue #40 from 1999 @ 640 x 480 the size limit at the time fro shockwave to run smoothly.

I did a quick open and re-render at a higher rez to show some details[missing a few maps though after 14 years...]

Here is the main screen shot in geometry showing the model details I added in.

The set was a two wall configuration and I built a little conduit with the parked gum pushed up in the crack.

Here is a shot of the full to the floor jukebox as geometry for

 Launch City Part VIII
The Target Jukebox design for Issue #40

Client: Launch Media Inc.
Art Director: Myself
Project Date: 1999

In this 8th post on LAUNCH city, I am posting work done on a jukebox built out for a Target sponsored space with a fully animated 3D jukebox.

This was one of my very first projects I worked on when I joined the three man team as Art Director in 1999. I love to model in 3D, and that seems to be something that many people do not like. 
To me the fun part is the build itself. I love the process of construction. This may be due to the fact that I am an avid woodworker, copper smith, and I love to sculpt and create, so naturally I would love virtual building too.
I made the model close to, but not exact to a famous iconic Juke box from the 50's for the project, and I passed it over to Cayce Justus and he skillfully rigged it up and animated the arm and curtains inside for me.
As a point in 3D history this is the project where I made a material editor breakthrough in 3DSmax with Chrome and Glass and applied it here in the default scan-line rendered. 
Remember this was 14 years back, pre GI and all the good render tools we know see as commonplace were not out yet, so lots of ambient lights to simulate bounce etc.

Cheers, THOM

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Image for Jake Commented that he wanting to see inside[ cut away]


  1. hi my name is jake and i really like your jukebox design id love to be able to create it for my year 12 major woodwork project although it would be great to get a inside view im sure ill be able to come up with my own internal design . hope u will be fine with me creating your master piece out of timber feel free to say other wise.

    1. Jake I posted a cut away[ bottom of original post], hope that helps. I am an avid woodworker myself, good luck on the project. I'd love to see it when it is done. Cheers, THOM