Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Project Review: Launch City PART III- Twitch

The Lower terminal of the Subway system in Launch City with a train arriving.

The Subway Train main shot.

An alternate view head-on with the Launch City Subway Train.

Over on deck at the lower terminal arrivals area.

The main shot for the space in Launch City with designations interactive on the fixed sign.

As a virtual city every space was there including inside the trains.

The door opening up was the first render test I did of the train.

The interface for the Lower Terminal
[ note the Pink Floyd Pig reflecting in the copper trash can- I was reprimanded for that BTW!]

Launch City Part II

Client: Launch Media Inc.
Art Director: Myself
Project Date: 1999

In this third post on LAUNCH city, I was hired 11 years ago when things were booming in the "Dot-Com" boost in the 90's, and I became a part of the team latter on in the production cycle when they wanted a full redesign for the product halfway through the production cycle.

In the full redesign of the Launch City for the CD_zine I themed this area as a 1920's subway with white tile walls and heavy iron structures exposed with rounded brick tubes for the old metal subway trains.

The space was started by a great team member Cayce Justus, and it was handed back to me to finish. I build and designed the subway trains and the tie lower tubes first, then I integrated them in a 3D scene started by Cayce and finished it out.

To view PART I on Launch City you can go here.

To view PART II go here.

Cheers, THOM

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