Monday, February 6, 2012

Project Review: SALT:PART II

 This model was curved on the front face to get the highlights and reflection to properly curve back. A simple smooth metal design from Joseph Stamper.

 I loved the star in the letter "A", I felt it was a good use of the Soviet theme for the film.

 The tech nature of this logo was to go along with a technology edge to the film. Kinda Matrix-ish in execution, and Joseph provided great texture files for the circuit tech from the Design Library for me to use.

 A neon this holding plate[ 3rd layer in 3D] helped set this one of the dark comps.

 A red glass material with the tech texture files used for shine and opacity setting.

 I love these tube logos with the metal skin cut off to reveal the red 'heart", a visual play on the film plot of a Soviet Spy masked as one of us.

 I did an alternate on the above Joseph Stamper logo and cut the whole face off to reveal a bunch more of the glass red heart inside.

 A rounded bevel type with a curved face bent top and bottom.

3D Logo exploration PART II

Client: Columbia Pictures via The Cimarron Group.
Art Director(s): Joseph Stamper.
Project Date: Winter 2008.

I began working on SALT in the winter of 2008 while still running the 3D Department at Cimarron, and in this second posting I am focusing on the designs that I did for Art Director Joseph Stamper.

As a 3D Designer, I work directly with the supervising Art Directors/ Designers, to build out the designs they provide me in 2D as "ai" vector files, and I model them out into a 3D sculpture.

It is a collaborative effort most of the time where I offer 3D alternatives to the design, and they decide what they want to see for the final. Some Logos I get a "Blue Sky" approach, and am given freedom to explore as well, and that happens usually is when I get to do a few versions of each typeset file due to having enough time.

Lots of reds to point to the Soviet theme of the film, as well as steel. I really got to experiment on this project with near 100 designs, provided to the team of four Art Directors.

You can view PART I here.

You can the KGB badge I made here.

Cheers, THOM

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