Friday, February 3, 2012

Project Review: The Woman In Black 2011

 The Mansion from The Woman in Black, as built from the scrap from the film as my first delivered 3D render.

 I squished the geometry and flattened the courtyard back for this worms eye shot.

 A close up on the front steps. In this comp the foreground was filled with a shot of Daniel Radcliffe looking up at THAT window, like in the trailers...

 Here is a re purposed wall turned into the interior for a fast comp idea.

  Here is a bird's eye shot showing the whole model built. I did not detail the sides we would not see for now, but in 3D it is a quick copy and paste to add that in.

 Here is a quad view close up showing the window and gutter model detailing that went into this comp piece.

Project Review:
The Woman in Black Key Art 3D Illustration

Client: CBS Films via Cold Open 
Art Direction:Gardner DeFranceaux
Project Date: Fall 2011.
I have done 3D illustration work on a freelance basis for the kind folks over at Cold Open for a few years now, and always a fun projects throughout the year come my way. 

Cold Open hires me on a freelance basis to do some 3D Illustrations for Key Art Posters,  and my work for them goes well beyond just a metal 3D logo, as so many folks 3D usage from me is more limited. Some of this is due to two ex BLT employees that are in house there, and they certainly "get 3D" so they use me to my full potential. 

For The Woman in Black, I had to re create the main haunted Mansion from the film and render it out stylistically at a few angles. I also was able to stretch and adjust the building for the posters to make the home more dramatic. This is where "Frankenstein" comps in 3D have a distinct advantage, as I can change the prop or set itself and not just cut the image up so the lighting shadows, etc. are perfect.
I built the entire scene all Subdivision Surfaces with a Turbo-smooth applied to achieved the close up and soft detailing. I also re purposed the exterior to do a quick interior shot looking out the window. FUN!

Cheers, THOM

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