Thursday, January 12, 2012

Project Review: Early work out of Art Center: TV Production Design and Fabrication Wild Wallz -Alex Hajdu

 Here is the one page sketch that started the process.

Project Review
Early work out of Art Center
TV Production Design and Fabrication Wild Wallz -Alex Hajdu

Client Alex Hajdu @ Wild Wallz Productions.
Art Direction: Alex Hajdu.
Project Date: Spring 1992.

This posting reflects a very early design sketch that I did in my career. This was one of my first jobs out of Art Center, I had bumped into Brandon Smith in the Project Room at A.C.C.D. looking for a modeler to work on a van for Terminator 2 , but I had 2 weeks until I graduated so I had to pass, but I kept the number around, and it paid off with a few jobs.

I called and connected up on a few small projects for Alex Hajdu a Production Designer at the time who owned Wild Wallz in Burbank CA, so I came in on occasions to design and build items for him.

Above is a mechanical prop with spinning dials, that was to be used in a "soap" commercial of some sort, I do not even remember the name. I do remember building the prop in yellow foam and finishing like an automotive model from ACCD, and working with a great Mechanical FX guy for the inner workings.

I used yellow foam for the body, sealed in Pres-Tech catalyzing primer, a vacuum formed top, with PVC, aluminum, and wood internal parts[ hand built by me]. We did a lot of 14 hr days to design and build this functioning "Hero Prop" for a TV spot, FUN!

Cheers, THOM

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