Monday, January 30, 2012

Project Review: Robots 2004 Motion Graphics-3D Animated Cards.

 A card where the "g" in Missing, falls off, and bounces into camera with turning gears etc...

 In the Adventure card in a billboard scene, the type flickers on in Neon.

 We ended up with a cool rocket that flew into scene to show "Adventure" for Robots back in 2004.

 A Title Logo using the font supplied by the studio at the time.

 A reference Card for Ice Age to help promote the Studio behind the project.[ Not used]

A spinning gear flips fast around to reveal this "ACTION" 3D Neon sign I made for the film Graphics for Robots.

Project Review: Robots 2005
Motion Graphics 3D Animated Cards.

Client: Twentieth Century FOX film Corp. via The Cimarron Group.
Art Direction; Erik Counter.
Project Date:Summer 2004

I had a fun opportunity to develop the looks in 3D for these Motion Graphics Cards for the Animated Film Robots, from Blue Sky Studios back in 2004.

I was working with Erik Counter on the Herbie Project so he also, wanted to use my 3D skills for this piece with some fun little viginettes of old neon signs, and things for the Motion Graphics look to present to the client.

I had a great tiume on the project due to the professional nature of Mr. Counter, he was always great to work with, as he himself uses 3D quite a bit, and was easy to create with someone with the knowledge to back up any crit. 

Cheers, THOM

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